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In a near future where colonisation missions are starting to mars, Mallory decides to go, to escape the unrequited love for her friend.

by Tiffany Carrington in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

The Story

In a dystopian future where colonisation missions are starting to mars, a woman called Mallory decides to join last minute to escape the lifelong, unrequited love she has for her best friend, Helen. 

The story shows their last two days on earth together, before being separated forever. 

Why make this film?

It's a powerful film about a human emotion that we can all relate to... Love. 

But most importantly, the story explores the emotion of loving someone who'll never love you back. The feeling of hopelessness. The feeling of wanting to journey to the other side of the world to try and escape that feeling... Or journey to another planet. 

The film also addresses issues with our society and our dying planet. The film shows how in the year 2050, the planet is still continuing to die and people are still choosing to ignore it, pretending that everything is OK. This very real subject appeals strongly to the issues and choices we are making today. 


Meet the cast!

Megan Birley - As Mallory

Tara Walker - As Helen

Meet the crew!

Molly Wise - Writer and director

I’m Molly, the writer and director of Venus and Mars. This film means a lot to me, which you can tell because we’re making it right before our grads! If I didn’t have a deep love for it, I wouldn’t have pushed to shoot it this September. I’ve written and directed a few films before, but this is the first romance/drama I’ve ever worked on. 

In this story, the possibilities of space travel, and the pain of love are combined to offer a woman the ultimate escape from her emotions – a theme I think that most humans this side of the galaxy can relate to.

Tiffany Carrington - Producer

Tiffany Carrington has always had a passion for storytelling and has learnt to express this through film making. She is now moving onto her final year at the Arts University Bournemouth on the BA Film Production course. She has had experience producing many short films, as well as writing and directing films too. She aspires to be a script writer, but also has a keen interest in producing. 

“I am passionate about this film because it has a strong theme of love and it dives in deep into how it feels when your love is not returned. This is an emotion that everyone has felt at some point in their lives and this story explores that emotion deeply. Venus and Mars also displays an accurate near future representation of what the planet will be like in the next 20 years which is an issue that people are still ignoring. This film highlights the reality of global-warning with an LGBT romance plotline which makes it's a truly spectacular story. 

Eleanor Lodge - 1st AD

Hi! I’m Eleanor, the 1st AD for Venus and Mars. I’m 23 and have studied at both the University for Creative Arts Farnham, and Arts University Bournemouth in Film Production, and have worked on three short films. 

The reason I chose to work on this project is because of the exploration of friendship and romance between two women who know that time is against them, and how they handle it. We can all relate to lost loves with gender and sexuality not changing the pain and growth that comes from it, because ultimately, to love is to be human.

Andrey Kudryashov - Cinematographer 

Izzy Lambert-stiles - Sound designer

Hi I'm Izzy! I am Venus and Mars' sound designer and have studied at the Arts University Bournemouth for the past two years, working within sound on a variety of film projects. 

I'm a sucker for space and love how this film manages to seamlessly weave in universal themes of love, sexuality, and friendship and the pain that often ensues each. I can't wait to see Venus and Mars realised in all its cosmic glory!

Rhianna Lisa-Kingdon - Hair and Makeup 

Gavin Jones - 2nd AD

We hope that you support our film as we all feel so passionately about it and we need your donations to make this film happen. 

Thank you!


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