Venue Guru

We want Venue.Guru to be used by brands, agencies, corporations and the public to find great acts and DJS for memorable events.

We did it!

On 30th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £90 with 2 supporters in 35 days - a directory of Musicians, Venues and Catering services you can trust because their place on the website depends upon their quality of service. Think of us like an Air BNB but for venue hire. 

We want Venue.Guru to be used by brands, agencies, corporations and the public to find great acts and DJS for memorable events. We aim to revolutionise the way people book acts, venues, musicians and catering for events. 

Our vision is for Venue Guru to be the leading event management site in the UK!

We’re expanding and quickly and We're hoping to be the leading company in this field!

Benefits for the Customer?:-

Book and view a venue from the comfort of your own home. You will be able to get prices and all the other information you need all on one place on the internet. If you're struggling to choose the perfect venue one of our online assistants can help you make the right choices to ensure you have a perfect event. 

Benefits for the Venue? - 

  • Unique Web Page
  • Unlimited edits 24/7
  • Social comments & sharing
  • Location & travel info
  • Link to your web site
  • User ratings
  • User comments & reviews
  • Listings stats / visits
  • Photo gallery
  • Availability checker
  • Top positions in searches

Things we're adding in the future -

  • Free text message alerts
  • A mobile app to manage bookings
  • 360 degree movable picture of your venue so customers can get a better perspective. 

What makes us different from everyone else?

Our models slightly different because you deal with the venue manager directly.  You can go through our event management team if you wish but we let you and the venue manager chat directly. 

We also offer an event management team that know all the local caterers, DJs, Bands and everything else you need to run an event. 

Why do we think this will work?

We've spoken to some of the big hotel chains, local function rooms and the public and have had really positive feedback! 



Here are some of our rewards:- 

One of the T shirt Designs - 

Venue Guru Plus - 

Venue Guru Plus is our way of rewarding you for using Venue Guru. It doesn't matter if you're a Customer or if you're a Venue you'll receive a reward when you gain enough points. 

How do you gain points? every time you make or gain a booking you'll gain 10 points. These can then be traded in for rewards. 

Our Launch Parties

We're also hosting a series of events at some of our venues around Glasgow, Ayrshire and Edinburgh. 

Breakfasts, business events and lots more. 

We're hosting our main night at 29 Glasgow! - If you donate £22 you'll get a special invite to our dinner at 29 Glasgow. 

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