Venue Deposit

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Venue Deposit

My great gran and granddad both worked at Mount Edgecombe, it would mean so much to marry at that venue! Please help us raise the deposit

We did it!

On 23rd Jul 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 42 days

Growing up I have always been very close to my nan and great nan. When my great nan died it was a huge loss for all the family, especially for me and my close family. Now I have just turned 22 and preparing for my wedding day, I really want to have a special day and at the purfect venue. 

Mount Edgecombe, Plymouth is the purfect venue, my great gran worked under Lord Edgecombe from age 18 and was the place she met grandad. 60 happy years they celebrated before my granddad died and it was all thanks to the wonderful times they had working at Mount Edgecome. It means soo much to me to have this as my wedding venue and they offer affordable wedding packages that myself and my fiance are looking to use.

The venue wants 50% of the price (£2000) as a deposit upfront. Its disheartering to know that we dont have this much money and no one in our family or friends can help us. We really want to get married in 2017 so we can be sure that all our family can make it!

The wedding is being done on a low budget all paid for by myself and fiance, but the venue is the most important thing for me and it would mean so much to us to get married here! <3  

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