Vend - a convenient social store

by Yalda Siddiqui in London, England, United Kingdom

Vend - a convenient social store


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To open a store revolving around vending machine use over face-to-face interaction and allowing a casual social area for all age groups.

by Yalda Siddiqui in London, England, United Kingdom

  • My Background:

I'm currently studying in my second year of college and as a teen, I've come to realise that comfort and convenience are two things that people my age love to prioritise. Online stores are booming due to how easily goods can be provided and uncomfortable interaction is avoided. However, what I noticed was missing now was this space physically. It's difficult to find a place that is open 24 hours a day and can provide people with cheap goods efficiently. Students find it difficult to afford to eat at restaurants or rely on cheap take-out food. Plus, winters make it hard for friends to hang out in person due to the cold and lack of indoor social spaces. That's when I came up with Vend. 

  • What Is Vend?

I aim for Vend to be a store, like a coffee shop or restaurant, but filled with vending machines filled with different products, from snacks to drinks to take-out breakfasts or lunches. This 'vending machine cafe' makes it so there is less of a stress on staff, social anxiety can be avoided, and it's much easier to quickly grab whatever goods a consumer could want and go. Additionally, there would be a big seating area. This would allow groups of friends to have room to sit indoors without worrying about disturbing other customers and if they wanted more food, for example, it's much easier to attain than having to wait in line or wait for a server at a restaurant for example. 

The efficiency and easy access to the goods makes it easy to get food during lunches and breaks without wasting too much time or if time isn't an issue, it gives people a place to sit in the city which reduces the chances of littering or obstruction but still not too far from the sights. 

This business invites people to sit in the store for hours if they wish, hopefully providing free wifi and other forms of entertainment such as a claw or game machine. Providing a casual social space at minimum cost. 


  • Funds:

The money raised here would enable me to afford to rent a physical store in a location that can reach a large number of people and become as convenient as possible for them. It would also help me buy the vending machines, as well as the goods and services provided in them. Although the aim is for the goods to be affordable, they also need to be good enough quality to be demanded and enjoyable. Plus I'd like to be able to design the store in a modern and picturesque style that will make people want to visit and comfortable spending time in.


All in all, being able to make this vision come true will not only bring people back outside, roaming the streets for longer periods of time but will change the past of convenience stores into a comfortable and fun future.


Let's make 'Vend - a convenient social store' happen

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