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by Alison Wood in Ilford, England, United Kingdom

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Helping cyclists achieve their goals through a range of coaching solutions whilst tackling diversity and gender inequality in cycling

by Alison Wood in Ilford, England, United Kingdom

Hi! Welcome to the veloqi crowdfunding page

Through my experiences in the cycling community I started to see the same issues coming up time and time again, so I decided to create Veloqi, a performance coaching service that provides an alternative to the industry standard. Veloqi aims to help cyclists of all levels to achieve their goals, taking into account their lifestyle, being conscious of their well being and long term health, by providing athlete centred personalised coaching plans and off the bike training sessions. I'm driven by my passion to help others to continue to enjoy their love of cycling, whether that's racing, riding events to raise money for charity or purely the desire to challenge themselves on epic cycling adventures. 

The problems I found:

  • Standard training plans being offered that focus on training data, requiring riders to train alone, and don't consider external stresses and commitments, risking over training and physical and emotional burn out
  • Current coaching services do not appeal to all cyclists who are put off by strict structured programmes perceived to be aimed at racing performance
  • Cyclists often only participate in cycling, and no other physical activity without considering their long term health
  • Perceived barriers to cycling such as lack of confidence on the bike, no one to ride with, and lack of representation in clubs, the professional sport and industry media

I found four ways in which I can do something positive for my fellow cyclists: 

  • Athlete centred personalised training programmes

  • Cycling Specific Strength & Conditioning plans and classes

  • One to one and group Skills Coaching Sessions

  • Help improve diversity and gender equality in cycling through representation and providing a space for a supportive community


I was so delighted when I found out that my little business was eligible for the Side Hustle Back Her Business initiative, supporting female entrepreneurs! This opportunity has inspired me to push even harder to make Veloqi a reality and reach as many people as possible. With the contributions from NatWest, support from Crowdfunder and your help we can make a real difference, challenge preconceptions and perceived barriers and help people reach their goals and do amazing things.

I have some ambitious long term plans for Veloqi. In the next 12 to 24 months I'd like to take the business to another level and open a fitness centre for cyclists In East London. This would be a thriving community hub offering indoor cycling training sessions, circuit, yoga and Pilates classes, treatment room, mechanics workshop, a health conscious cafe, a space to workshops, events and talks, a club house, but most importantly, a centre to support a development racing team that represents the multicultural community of East London. But first I need to develop the services and products, grow a great team that share the vision and build a strong brand, and this is where you can help!

How you can help and rewards

Sponsor a skills session

One of the many perceived barriers to cycling is confidence on the road. By sponsoring this project I'll be able to offer one to one skills coaching and run group skills session and support the London based Women of Colour Cycling group and other diverse cycling groups. Also in the pipeline is a series of sessions to help build group riding and racing skills, to help build the confidence of those riders thinking about joining a club, entering their first event or race. Your support can make this happen.

"Sports have the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sports can create hope, where there was once only despair. It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination. Sports is the game of lovers."

Nelson Mandela

Community - the Veloqi Cycling Club

The benefits of cycling are well documented, for the environment and our physical and mental health. We see the articles in the papers and magazines and the memes on social media. And we know because cycling makes us feel great! Whatever type of cyclist you identify your self as, wherever you are in your cycling journey and whatever type of bike (or bikes!) you own, we are all connected by our love of cycling. We know that the sense of belonging is essential for our mental health and wellbeing. Help me to create a supportive, diverse community. Your membership will include a stylish cycling jersey, a two month personalised training plan to get you working towards you goals, full access to the off the bike training plans with guidance, advice on nutrition and training, and road rides led by me!

Personalised training plans

Here at VeloQi we understand that you are not just a cyclist. You have family and work commitments, highs and lows, likes and dislikes,and possibly previous injuries. You are unique! For me personalised means taking into account your lifestyle, previous training experience, fitness levels, external stresses, motivations, and for women, hormonal changes. Each plan is created for the individual client, not from a library of stock plans. The monthly subscription plans include weekly support from your coach, who will be monitoring your fatigue levels and progress, making changes to your plan accordingly, and helping you work towards achieving your goals.

What you do off the bike is also important to your long term health, injury prevention and mental health. For many cyclists, cycling is their only form or exercise, but it is a low impact sport and therefore does little to help improve bone density, something that's very important as we age, especially women who have a higher risk of Osteoporosis. Including weight bearing exercises in our weekly routine, to strengthen bones, as well as our ligaments, tendons and supporting muscles, helps reduce the risk of injury, now and as we get older. I have designed a series of strength and conditioning programmes and classes, for a range of abilities, including sport specific exercises that will improve performance on the bike, as well as general and long term health.

Designs will be announced soon! Watch this space!!

The Fitter Faster Healthier Happier Challenge

This 12 week package has been designed for women which you can start at any time. It includes lifetime access to a private online group. There will weekly articles and discussions topics such as training, nutrition, kit and of course, bikes! Plus I'll be on hand to join in with the discussions and answer any questions. I will create a three month personalised training programme for you based on your goals for the new year. All members of the group will also be given access to lots of informative content on women's health and hormones, created by Pamela Windle, from Smarter Change. 

Flourish & Glow - by Pamela Windle

Starting in mid January, this is a "14 day Flourish and Glow online cleanse programme where you'll gently cleanse your body, shake off anxiety and worries, discover how to take back control of your hormones and health, feel radiant and motivated to start 2020 as you mean to go on."

I'll be taking part too, so hope you can join me!

About me

I learned how to ride a bike 7 years ago, at the age of 39, after a gym buddy challenged me to enter a triathlon with them. I was a regular at the gym at the time, sometimes 10 hours a week, and often entered running events up to half marathon distance to keep myself motivated.

After the first triathlon, slowly but surely, cycling took over my life. There was something about being able to explore for miles and miles, peddling through the pretty lanes of Essex, with the company of my new found local cycling club, that just made my soul sour! The club took me under their wing. They were so patient and taught me so much. The cycling community is incredibly supportive. Seven years on, my competitive side has been ignited, breaking club records, racing events across England and even in Denmark in 2015, representing GB in the Amateur World Final Time Trial. I've discovered the joy of touring and cycling holidays, been an active member of my cycling club committee and been a part of British Cycling's Breeze initiative to encourage women to take up cycling. I qualified as a coach in 2015, and recently completed a Foundation Degree in Cycling Performance.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

Sponsor a skills session

Help me run a series coached sessions for local diverse cycling groups, such as the Women of Colour Cycling London, to help increase their confidence on the bike for commuting, leisure rides and racing. Each donation will help cover the costs of coaching and venue hire for a one to one skills session or a place in group session held on a traffic free closed circuit.

£7 or more

Circuits style conditioning for cyclists classes

BOGOF! For this pledge you will be able to book two places on the Veloqi conditioning classes for cyclists, held at the Redbridge Cycling Centre, Hainault, Wednesday evenings at 7pm. After making you pledge you will be sent a code allowing you to book your classes on the website

£10 or more

My gratitude for ever!

Every pledge helps! Your contribution will be put towards the costs of running skill sessions and general business costs at this early stage. I will be forever grateful!!

£15 or more

Veloqi cycling cap

Pre-order a sexy Veloqi cycling cap, made from recycled plastic bottles, membership to the club with access to the online group and group rides, and of course a shout out on social media and a lot of gratitude from me :) Why not order a RidePac too for a matching set!

£20 or more

0 of 5 claimed

30% Discount on a monthly plan

Receive a 30% discount on a subscription to a monthly personalised coaching plan, priced at £80 per month. Your plan will be designed around your goals, target events, fitness and lifestyle. Included are weekly updates with your coach, off the bike training guides and plans plus a discount on classes for local clients and membership to the club with access to the online group and group rides

£25 or more

Veloqi VeloPac RidePac

A stylish and very practical VeloPac RidePac, large enough for your phone and essentials. These pacs are fab! The perfect size for your jersey pocket. These normally retail for £30 to £40+ so this is a great price! Plus membership to the club with access to the online group and group rides. The final design will be announced very soon, so watch this space

£30 or more

One to one skills session or phone consultation

Maybe you have a particular skill you want to work on, questions to ask about training or preparing yourself for an event? For donating £30 your reward is 45 minutes with a qualified coach, on a closed circuit track in an East London location, or over the phone. Plus a 10% discount off a a personalised training plan or monthly subscription for life and membership to the club with access to the online group and group rides.

£45 or more

Flourish & Glow 14 day program

Half price! Would you like to flourish and glow in just 14 days? Imagine what a difference it would make to your life… You already know the answer to that question. And, as I’m sure you’ll agree, you DESERVE to flourish and glow at whatever age. Join me on this 14 day Flourish and Glow online cleanse programme where you'll gently cleanse your body, shake off anxiety and worries, discover how to take back control of your hormones and health

£50 or more

Veloqi CC eco jersey

Pre order a Veloqi cycling club eco jersey, made from recycled fabric at the special price of £50. Come back soon for the release of the design! Plus membership to the club with access to the online group and group rides.

£50 or more

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Three month training plan

Personalised three month training plan based on your goals, fitness levels and lifestyle. The plan comes with guidance on strength, conditioning and stretching exercises, training, goal setting, nutrition and long term health. Plus membership to the club with access to the online group and group rides.

£80 or more

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Veloqi Cycling Club Membership

Help me start a supportive and diverse community of like minded cyclists. Membership to the veloqi cycling club includes an eco cycling jersey, a two month personalised training plan, access to the online group, monthly led rides from East London, advice on training and nutrition, off the bike training plans, and a discount on circuit classes. Special bonus! 1 hour with the coach, over the phone or on the bike!

£80 or more

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Fitter Faster Healthier Happier Cyclists Challenge

This women only three month package includes an introduction to training, weekly advice on training, nutrition and female health, a personalised training plan, access to strength and conditioning plans, access to the FFHH private group and a one hour one to one with the coach, on the bike or voice call. Challenge yourself to become fitter, faster, healthier! Purchase for yourself or as a gift.

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