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On 1st February 2020 we successfully raised £2,400 with 28 supporters in 43 days

Inspring people to eat more veg, VegVan offers fresh, hearty and organic balanced meals that cater for all intolerance's and allergies.

by Terri - Jayne Mowle in Derby, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With the expansion of VegVan and its good food campaign in mind, we would like to invest in a van and kit it out with the basic catering facilities that will enable us to trade on the streets. This ensures greater mobility, furthering our catering locations and marketing reach. Additional promotional material such as branding packs, nutritional information packs and VegVan animations that enrol young adults into the idea of eating a more sustainable and nutritional diet by cooking with locally sourced vegetables.    

'A fiver a day, keeps the doctor away!'

Who are we?

VegVan is an urban and vibrant company, realising its vision to begin a new paradigm of healthy street food. Our educational and sustainable street food company offers the opportunity for the customer to experience tasty, allergen-conscious and nutritional food at a fraction of the price of other places that currently supply to the growing market. 

Why VegVan?

Currently supermarkets, restaurants and other convenience vendors offer health food and meal alternatives yet unfortunately the menu and products seem like they are an afterthought and generally substitute nutrition for additives.

VegVan is adventurous in flavour which is displayed in its wide range of cultural influences and exciting choice of events. We want to campaign far and wide, spreading the message through social media, storybook readings and educational workshops, to change the consumer buying behaviours that do not serve our health or that of the environment. 

The VegVan team share a passion to create an avenue for children and young adults to understand about vegetables and their intrinsic link to good health.

The aim of the game?

Our target is to predominantly reach children and young adults, creating awareness around physical and mental health benefits of nutritional meals. We supply fun and factual story books about Mr Green, The VegVan man who goes on a journey to learn about vegetables and how they can help our bodies. We also provide nutrition fact cards for adults with our meals that display how to grow, prepare and make meals so adults can improve their health and well-being autonomously.

VegVan's aim is to establish the fundamental basis of a health driven trendy business that ultimately makes its profit through sustainable means whilst providing an alternative and fulfilling lifestyle for those who want to work with us. Starting on the streets and extending the service to private parties and events.


We've teamed up with Trinty Farm for their support and knowledge in permaculture farming and Rachel Hill, a renowned nutrition therapist who promotes a strong knowledge of the gut and nutrition based well being. Both offer their services to our customers and you can contact them for organic veg produce, farm site visits and children's education programs or private consultations and diet plan.

We aim to crowdfund £4,000 for a Marquee and the material necessary to begin trading at private and social events. 

If the project campaign continues past it's £4,000 milestone, VegVan will use the second sum of money raised to buy a van and the extra educational material necessary to promote the value of good health.

Please help us in our campaign and pledge towards a great cause. Follow the link on the website landing page and write that you back this business 100%. Donate on the crowdfunding page to receive a Keyring, Story book or win 10% off meals for a month, giving you more than your recommended 5 a day. Last but not least follow our journey on social media.

Thank you!



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

Mr Green, The VegVan Man Story Book

A story book about VegVan characters who get healthy benefits from eating a series of vegetables.

£5 or more

A VegVan Keyring

A wooden Key ring and nutritional fact card branded with the VegVan logo and for a specific Vegetable.

£20 or more

Nutrition Pack of Cards

A pack of Nutrition Cards displaying different remedies or necessities for the effective function of the body or for certain medical conditions.

£100 or more

VegVan Package

A VegVan package with a story book for children called Mr Green, The VegVan Man, a pack of nutrition cards, a wooden key ring with a VegVan man logo and a fact card, and a VegVan branded fridge magnet and 10% off meals for a month.

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