Building Vegan Yogi Community: Veganism+Yoga

To spread awareness about Yoga and veganism and to build a community of Vegan Yogis by way of organizing Yoga festivals worldwide

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

What Do We Do:

We are lovely bunch of people (Yoga teachers and vegan activists) from different countries who are on a mission to make people realise the connection between Yoga and veganism. We wish to organize many Yoga and Vegan festivals that celebrate the two ideas that changing the world for better. At our Yoga festivals, we offer free and varied Yoga and meditation classes to attendees so that they can find a style of Yoga that they like the most. We also give an opportunity to vegan and ethical small traders to sell their cruelty-free products. Our festivals are a vibrant mix of Yoga and meditation classes, talks, live spiritual music and stalls. As we donate the proceeds from our events to our partner charities, we are always in need for funds to hire venues and making other arrangements to make these events possible.

Our festivals are 100% eco-friendly. We do not use any paper-based advertising (such as printing posters or leaflets). All of our stallholders use only bio-degradable bags, cutlery etc.

What is the Connection between Yoga and Veganism?

Ahimsa (non-violence), the first and foremost of the five yamas (restraints) described in the Yoga Sutra by Patanjali, the author of the most ancient text on Yoga ever known. Yamas  precede Asanas (postures) in the eight-limbed (Ashtanga) theory of Yoga proposed by Patanjali. It is advised to practice Yamas before attempting postures. Is Ahimsa (non-violence) only limited to the  prohibition of obvious use of physical force against a human? Shouldn’t it also apply to our behaviour with animals? It’s time to take Ahimsa to the plate. It is a well-known fact that animals are killed, abused and tortured for meat and dairy – this amounts as violence – the difference here is that we pay someone to do it for us every time we buy meat and dairy. By going vegan,  we can stop the circle of violence against these sentient beings.

Yoga means ‘union’ – to unite your mind, body and soul or to unite your individual consciousness to the supreme consciousness, or being in oneness with the universe. How can we achieve such a unity without respecting the living beings who co-inhabit the world with us?

"An estimated of over 150 million people practice Yoga worldwide then why aren't there 150 vegans worldwide?"

Why Do We Need Funds and How Will We Use Them:

As our community group and all our events are run by volunteers (who are either students or have full-time jobs), we are in need of funds to pay for the cost of venue hire and advertising the event. We donate any profits to our partner charities.The charities we partner with differ according to the location of our event. As a principle, we always have a local partner charity and a charity that works for animals in need.

Break-up of Costs:

Estimated cost of hiring venues in Brighton, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Krakow, Berlin, Nottingham, Birmingham and Swanage in the year 2017: 15000

Estimated cost of online advertising : 4500

Estimated cost of making videos related to Yoga and veganism: 500