Plastic-Free Vegan Grocery Store

Harmless will be North London's first plastic free convenience store offering whole foods, cleaning, hygiene, cosmetics & reusable items.

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Aim of the Project

To truly fight plastic pollution we need to stop purchasing the packaging in the first place. 

Right now with limited options and supermarkets wrapping more and more in plastic the problem is getting out of control. Its time to stand up and take control of our choices; but to do that we need an alternative. For the glass and plastic tubs we already own, why not reuse them? Having a shop where you can fill up on your everyday ingredients & household products is a solution that could benefit everyone. At Harmless you will be able to buy everything you will need to live a compassionate and conscious lifestyle in one place. 

Harmless believes that everyday essentials should not cost the earth.  

Why should we care?

  • More than 10 millions tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year
  • Tests have shown plastic particles are now in salt supplies, domestic water supplies and even beer. 
  • Plastic kills around 100,000 sea mammals, turtles and birds each year and has been found 7 miles below the surface in fish and other marine life 
  • Animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gasses, 51% if their by-products are included.
  • A whole plant based diet has been shown to prevent and even reverse type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Two of the world's biggest killers that cost the NHS 8.8 billion (type 2 diabetes) and 6.7 billion (CHD) every year

We hold the power

Of course the large corporations should be the ones to lead the change but as consumers we hold the power in our £'s and choices. Every single time we choose a sustainable product we are voting for change. 

Thanks to the power of social media and shows like Blue Planet II customers are now more informed than ever before with people actively seeking out solutions to ethical, environmental and health problems.  Now is the time to act against the problems our world is facing.  We need to believe that when we stand together we can drive the change that we all want. 

The feel good factor 

Through the operation of this business we will aim to support as many social enterprises as we can. Wherever we can, we will share the love by stocking and promoting organisations who are themselves focussing on doing great things in our communities . You can be happy in the knowledge that when you shop at Harmless, you are spending money that helps to change lives. An example of the type of business I will be working with is Freeset.  Check out their website out to see how they are changing lives! Freeset run as a social enterprise where profits are retained within the business and used to enable more women to be employed and to change their own lives. Head over to the support us section at the top of this page to choose a reward that gives you one of their reusable organic cotton tote bags. 


A relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and environment, fitted-out with recycled, reclaimed, and natural materials that have been saved from landfill. I will partner with for as much as this as possible. Harmless will be a place where new or curious vegans or zero-wasters (or simply people who are conscious of their environment) can seek sustenance, advice, support and the tools they will need to tread their life's journey with lighter environmental footprints! 


Predominantly sold through glass and metal gravity dispensers for all sold-by-weight wet and dry ingredients and household products. The below list will grow and evolve as the store does and we will always be on the look out for new vegan, plastic free & sustainable products.  The eco start ups will take pride of place in the store. 

  • Grain, pulses, cereals, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, plant oils, beans, peas, lentils and soy dried food stuffs- 
  • Loose tea and coffee along with brewing equipment
  • Shampoos, conditioners, cleaning products 
  • Supplements such as B12, Iron, Llysine
  • Plastic and toxic free: feminine products, toothbrushes, straws, coffee cups, water bottles, food wrap, cutlery, pet feed products, 
  • Recipe and Lifestyle books, relating to the shop ethos

I will be offering standardised and lightweight drawstring bags, also from Freeset to ease the process of pre-weighing containers. The bags will also feature in my customer loyalty rewards scheme and on the rewards section above. Of course bringing your own containers is encouraged too.


The shop will aim to provide convenience to suit the busy London locals.  Harmless will be located in the busy centre of Crouch End where footfall is constant thanks to the 12,000+ residents and the 5 busy bus routes that serve the town. Local tube stations are Finsbury Park, Highgate, Achway & Turnpike Lane. The town is renowned for coffee shops and café culture, close to nearby Alexandra Palace Farmers Market, Karamel Klub in Wood Green and was recently blessed by the opening of Vegan and Vegetarian eatery: Miranda Café. 

Hopes & Dreams:

  • Sourcing of bulk buy goods not currently widely available such as plant-based-milks
  • Support of new zero plastic and vegan products and companies by showcasing stock
  • Specialist out of hours talks & workshops on health, helping the environment, animal protection.
  • Apprenticeship Scheme
  • Expansion to multiple outlets firstly within London Boroughs, before Nationwide, and International domination mwahahaha.
  • Candle wax dispenser
  • Nut butter machine
  • Animal adoption help centre
  • Pooch corner 
  • % of annual profits to go to great causes
  • Vegan burger & burrito bar


In summary, I will endeavour to bring a shopping experience that ticks all of your good will boxes. Supporting Harmless means you will be safe in the knowledge that you're hard earned money goes that little bit further. 

Thank you!


If you're reading this then you made it to the bottom of my page so thank you for caring.
Please take a look at the rewards in the support us section and see what gift tickles your fancy.
This project will run until the 10th March so plenty of time to pick your reward, however, If you cannot pledge but believe in this idea then please could you share with your family, friends and social media audiences? You never know who's lurking out there ;)

Hope to see you soon

Love, Tami X

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