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by Vegan Cartel in London, England, United Kingdom

A vegan diet is becoming increasingly embraced by those who not only seek a life of health and wellness but who also care about the ethics of their dietary habits and sustainability of our planet.

Vegan Cartel speaks to those who have already embraced a vegan life and to those who are considering the transition. Our fundamental purpose is to create high-quality products that replicate the taste and texture of meat so that is easier for people to adopt and enjoy a plant-based life.

Many people have said that they can give up all meat – except bacon. But once they try our vegan bacon they become a believer!

The health-benefits of a vegan diet are clear – diminished allergic sensitivity, improved immune function, reduced diabetes, lower risk of cardiac diseases and cancer and the list goes on

But a vegan diet has a much deeper significance. Backed by science, a plant-based diet is the most important commitment an individual can make to combat climate change, world hunger, resource depletion, deforestation, water pollution, and of course unnecessary cruelty towards sentient and conscious beings – the animals that share our home called ‘Earth.’

You can currently buy our products online at or at one of the following shops:

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