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Hi Everyone,

A little bit about myself.. I am a 22 year old female running the first EVER vegan festival to be held in Edinburgh (capital of scotland). This event as you can image take alot of hard work which leaves me working nearly 16 hour days to make this event possible. This event is being held at the roxburghe hotel in Edinburgh City Centre. Alot of you may think great, city centre location at a perfect time of year, however this comes at a price. Not only was this expensive to run the council of edinburgh city centre have just sent a very large bill through of over £4000 just because i want to hold the vegan festival in a great and accessible location not to event mention about the extreme costs of insurance, venues i could go on forever. At first i was told this would cost little over £300 which i was happy enough to pay, however now due to the city centre location prices have gone up dramatically. I have run the newcastle vegan festival previously so i know how this stuff works however it seems scotland have different rules to england. Being a student wanting to promote veganism and showing people the benefits and how much information and products are out there has now left me very much out of pocket and this is where i need your help. This event is still going ahead however i do need as much help as i can to promote veganism as much as i can and to make this a day for everyone in edinburgh to remember.

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