Variable Voice changer - Anonymity via voice calls

by Dog Holler in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom

Variable Voice changer - Anonymity via voice calls


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This app aims to be good enough to prevent reverse engineering of a persons voice on a telephone, messenger or whatsapp voice call

by Dog Holler in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom

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I have studied IT Security, including cryptography and anonymity via internet presence including email, crypto currencies, and phone numbers and addresses. I have no problem releasing a decent program that may include ads unless paid for, and if I'm paid, whoever put into the project will get paid an equal share too. I won't make any more money than the people put into it. I will divide any profits equally, but I can tell you, that this is the first attempt at an app that can't be revered to find the original voice. I have many ideas to make this THE tool to use for anonymous voice calls. Or you're money back if a customer buys the app and doesn't like it for any reason at all. That's my promise. I graduated in 1999 at the University of Portsmouth, England, UK and currently hold 26 letters of accreditation after my name, all of them in Computing. I can program in more than 10 languages, and this will be my first attempt at creating a mobile app. I am excited to bring something to the table that nobody else has yet achieved, and that is a voice changer that is impossible to revert back to the original speakers real voice. I want it to be the go to tool for this, because nobody else has managed to do this yet. My father invented the current UK phone exchange called System X, and BT bought it and changed it to System Y. It then got rolled out to the entire UK and over 80 countries worldwide. I am a subject matter expert of iPhones and Androids. You could say I know what I'm talking about and at the age of 45, I've been around the block a few times. Try me, let's create this, and do it right first time

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