Vaping and E-cigarette Smoking Shelters

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Despite there being no official legislative restrictions on where vaping or the use of e-cigarettes can take place in the UK, many retail outlets, organisations and companies are starting to create their own policies on where these products can be used. Many 'vapers' and e-cigarette users are now being asked to follow the same rules that apply to traditional smokers.

As a result, 'vapers' and e-cigarette users are having to share the same designated areas as smokers, however as many are ex-cigarette smokers themselves, many don't want to be in the company of smokers, which presents a problem as to where 'vapers' and e-cigarette users should go.

With ever increasing health warnings about the dangers of smoking and the rising taxes on cigarettes, many people are using e-cigarettes as an alternative, which has started to create a demand for a separate designated area for 'vapers' and e-cigarette users to go to satisfy their habit.

The idea is to offer dedicated vaping shelters to allow separation between smokers and e-cigarette users. 

Vaping shelters aren't governed by the same legislation as smoking shelters, (which need to be at least 50% open to allow for adequate ventilation) so they are available in a far greater range of shapes and styles.

This is ideal to aid those who are looking to quit smoking by swapping to e-cigarettes or Vaping & then taking them out of the smoking environment where temptation may lay. This then has a huge impact with helping people quit and therefore reducing the health factors around smoking.