Vape Shop

Vape Shop

Start up costs for a vape business. Already recognised well used brand. Improve health and well-being in the community

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi, my name is Anne and im crowdfunding to set up a vape shop/lounge. An already established well known brand but with my own touch, personal skills and experience. I have 3 years of vaping knowledge and experience and over a year of working and managing a vape shop successfully. I am looking to open my own shop to:

1) Provide jobs in the local community - give people a chance even when they might not have the experience and provide a high level of training.

2) Provide a great service which is supportive with people who want to give up smoking.

3) Raise money for charity, with vape related events and daily donations.

4) Only sell pharmaceutical graded and tested products to ensure the customers get a good quality product when giving up smoking instead of chemicals which can be harmful.

5) Volunteer within the community to provide a good network and to give something back.

6) Give people a place to meet in a safe, secure and warm environment and be able to relax which would prevent negative behaviour on the streets especially with young people (over 18).

7) Offer work experience placements and training for people who are trying to get into work.

Having studied a BSc (Hons) Sports science degree, personal training diploma and sports massage course along with various sports coaching qualification I am inevitably passionate about the health and well being of the community. I want to be able to provide a vape shop with a difference offering consulations about healthy living and how they can improve their health alongside using vaping to quit smoking to give people a bit of a health kick. Im not just providing products I want to provide a service which will change their lives in a positive way.