Vape Barmouth

Vape Barmouth

Thankyou for visiting. Please read my story and decide whether you may be interested in my plight. Any more details are available on request

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi and thankyou for visiting.

My son started this business in Dolgellau 2yrs ago but due to pressures from local authorities regarding signage and planning issues he moved to Barmouth and opened a small shop in a very popular and up and coming location in the town.

The business has been successful despite my sons lack of motivation and enthusiasm and accounts are available to support this. The shop enjoys the support of locals and has a high volume of tourists throughout the year and especially during the summer when the footfall is very high.  However, my son has decided that owning and managing this shop is just not for him, he has always maintained his employment elswhere and is going to continue this without the responsibilty that comes with running a business.

Please dont hesitate to contact me for specific details.     Pete.

I firmly believe in the business and the benefits that ecigarettes bring to smokers who decide to switch. You only have to look to see how popular 'Vaping' has become and it continues to increase.

I am eager to take on the business  and have an extensive knowledge of the business by association.  I have been unemployed for a few years and lack the financial credibilty to raise the funds required to purchase the stock within through the normal channels.  Gwynedd councils business loan fund have a minimum loan requirement of £25000, which is more than I need.