Vanessa @fruitinessa is going back to school!

by Vanessa Abreu in London, England, United Kingdom

Vanessa @fruitinessa is going back to school!
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On 31st October 2016 we successfully raised £4,020 with 83 supporters in 56 days

Please help me raise a portion of the funds I need for a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition starting this September 2016 at CNM!

by Vanessa Abreu in London, England, United Kingdom

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Cheeky Smiles & Limes | Tip 1 | Eat when hungry and stop once full! x

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Kisses & Peaches | Tip 2 | Keep your fats LOW and have most of your daily calories from whole, unprocessed foods! x

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Hugs & Plums | Tip 3 | Have your fruit ahead of your veggies, so to avoid running into digestive problems. Fruit digests quicker! x

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Love & Mangos & Melons & Figs | Tip 4 | Eat nourishing fruits within an hour or two of exercise. One's ability to replace and replenish muscle glycogen, depleted during exercise, is highest then! x

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Juicy!!!! | Tip 5 | Some foods don't combine well with others! There are a number of food combining charts available online or alternatively, send me a message directly and I shall be pleased to help! Happy digestion x | + 4 FREE copies of my upcoming eBook |

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Sweet!!!!! | Tip 6 | Abundance! Fill your home with plenty plenty plenty of whole foods and you'll be more likely to steer clear of processed junk. Think colourful, bright, fresh, ripe and whole! x | + 6 FREE copies of my upcoming eBook |

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Fruity!!!!! | Tip 7 | Get inspired to eat a cleaner, simpler and healthier diet! Youtube and Instagram are wonderful resources. Check out my IG feed @fruitinessa for inspiring meal ideas! x | + 10 FREE copies of my upcoming eBook |

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It's a Fruity Situation!!! | Tip 8 | Get together with 2/3/4 housemates or 1/2 neighbours and start buying fruit and vegetables in bulk at your closest wholesale market, so to save, save, save and have a house filled with wholesome foods! x | + 20 FREE copies of my upcoming eBook |


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