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We divert perfectly good food from landfill to nourish communities instead. Simply put, rotting food makes gas, accelerating climate change

by Emma Goulding in Hitchin, England, United Kingdom

Food Rescue Hub was founded in Hitchin, Herts in the spring of 2019.  We pride ourselves on providing a practical solution to avoidable waste, while also improving our rescuers' nutrition and offering a weekly opportunity to practice being a valuable member of the community and  protecting our planet in peril.   We ask our visitors to consider their food shopping habits, reduce household waste by providing practical idea and tips, and raise awareness of the presence and enormity of the global food waste crisis. 

In early 2020, we launched a second hub in Stevenage, Herts. The 'Rescue on the Run' concept proved hugely popular to those wanting to get involved but couldn't make it during the week.  Not long after the world changed with the Covid-19 pandemic.  We continued to recover and distribute food to local groups who prioritised it for those in food poverty during the 6 months we were closed to the public.  During that time the demand on our services meant we operated 24/7, took on more store contracts and had to expand storage to handle the increased volume of both available food and people in dire need.   The van we had access to proved an invaluable asset in the process allowing us to rescue 900+ crates of food each month and now without it, we are limited in how much we can rescue and how many people we can help.    In order to continue to provide this project in our towns and to add our third location in Luton, Beds in 2021, we now need to buy and operate a van of our own.  It will make our trips more efficient in 3 key ways -  less miles, less emissions and less dead time in between.  It will also allow our concept to be shared in other towns to the benefit of their own communities and our planet. 

We operate a pay-as-you-feel system where the visitor choses how much they pay as a donation for the food they have chosen to rescue, as this is the only truly equitable way to be fully inclusive and ensures no one is left behind.  As such it's not a reliable income, however as it is our main revenue stream it makes saving for growth especially challenging.  During the 6 months we were closed to the public our fixed expenses were drawn from savings which means that they are currently insufficient to commit to significant purchases (like a van!).

This campaign is to raise the funds needed to purchase a van and operate it for a year.  Simply put, without it we will cease to be as effective as we have been since welcoming our first Food Rescue Hero in Hitchin 18 months ago. 

Fundraising cost breakdown
Van ......................................... £6,000
Tax, Insurance, Fuel ...............£2,000

TOTAL                                £ 8,000

It is worth noting -- we are not a food bank, we do not assess based on need or require referrals, nor would we ever turn anyone away.  The food we collect is shared by us all without judgement.  We believe that food waste should be taken care of by members of the community (and not a landfill) and that everyone who eats food and contributes to packaging waste should also be part of the solution by committing to rescuing perfectly good food. It's easy, accessible and a carbon neutralising activity. And it just feels good to know you are part of a solution!  

Come visit us for that feel good factor and to see what we're all about:

Thursdays in HITCHIN at The Half Moon Pub
9:30 -11 AM

Saturdays in STEVENAGE at Our Mutual Friend Pub
10 - 11 AM

Please consider helping us to continue our work, expand the concept to help others and to bring our communities together on a weekly basis to share in food, come rain or shine. 

**We won't be buying fancy give aways or more plastic 'stuff' to say thanks for your support.  Instead we'll offer you a smile, a chat, some insight on food waste, ideas that might help you and your family to waste less, along with bag of some of the best rescued food on offer so you can be a FOOD RESCUE HERO too. 

Thank you on behalf of our executive, our volunteer teams, our visitors and the towns that count on us being there week in, week out.  


Emma Goulding
Founder & Project Lead

Aletheia Mashiri
Director, Getting Rooted CIC


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