photo copier for vampire hag distro/press

by tukru / vampire hag in Chatham, England, United Kingdom

photo copier for vampire hag distro/press
We did it
On 16th September 2019 we successfully raised £569 with 33 supporters in 42 days

i'm raising money to buy a printer for Vampire Hag Distro so i can print my zines and potentially yours too.

by tukru / vampire hag in Chatham, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

WOW already fully funded?

well let's make a stretch goal which includes extra £111 for a spare extra high yield black ink cartridge (8000 pages) + £30 for plain white paper and couple of reams of pastel colour papers

i'm raising money to buy a multifunctioning printer that prints, scans and makes photocopies because i don't have access to easy or affordable copying anymore. (tbh i haven't had such in maybe 3 years, and it shows in my zine productivity) i had been saving up for one for the last year but unfortunately i recently had some issue with my teeth and i've ended up spending the money i saved up on getting them fixed.

so, why am i crowdfunding this? why am i not just buckling down and saving up again and longer? why should you donate to this?

well, the printer isn't just for my amusement. besides being able to make more zines myself, having this printer would enable me to distribute more zines, more easily, because i've had several zinesters suggest they send me the flats or a pdf and i print the zines myself to save them on (mostly overseas) postage and the hassle of making more copies. i also thought i could offer printing services to other zinesters, especially beginners who also don't have access to easy or affordable printing, and also help them with making the flats/getting their zine print ready if they need it. so it's not just my printer, not really..

the printer i have my eye on costs £411.40 (hence the goal, despite fees) at the moment* but there are some other slightly cheaper ones (from £195) if i can't raise enough and i'm too impatient to keep saving up. but their ink costs are higher, and they won't print b&w if a colour cartridge runs out. if there's any money left over, it would go towards paper, back up ink cartridges and/or paper cutting guillotine.

*the price actually went up by £50 while i was working on getting this fundraiser ready to launch.

- - -


- what are zines?

a zine (pronounced like maga-zine) is a self-made printed publication, often made cheaply, usually photocopied – but other printing methods are used. They can be about anything, from politics to you favourite tv show to just your personal life (the last one is my favourite kind) they can be handmade one offs, or printed in small or larger quantities. they're also a great way of enabling marginalised people to get their voices heard when they are not represented in traditional mainstream media.

- what is vampire hag distro?

vampire hag is a small zine distro (short for distribution) based in chatham, kent. it started it's life as Vampire Sushi Distro in 2009, but the name was changed earlier this year. i run it from a corner of my living room, and i have an online store at and occasionally i leave the house to table at zine fests and other diy events with the distro stock.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£3 or more

Shout out - £3

shout out on the vampire hag website & in the credits of vampire hag 10th birthday zine

£5 or more

sticker & postcard reward (UK only) - £5

"i supported Vampire Hag Distro's printer fund and all i got was this damned" sticker, a postcard designed just for this occasion + the shout out reward. (UK only)

£6 or more

sticker & postcard (international) - £6

"i supported Vampire Hag Distro's printer fund and all i got was this damned" sticker, a postcard designed just for this occasion + the shout out reward. (with international postage)

£10 or more

5 of 10 claimed

your pretty face reward - £10

3 issues of my zine 'your pretty face is going straight to hell', of your choice + sticker & shoutout rewards! - - UK postage included, please add an extra £1 - £2 for international postage

£15 or more

2 of 10 claimed

distro voucher (UK) - £15

£15 voucher for buying things from the distro! + sticker & shoutout rewards! (postage not included, sorry)

£25 or more

6 of 6 claimed

custom portrait reward - £25

customer portrait by tukru + sticker & postcard and the shout out rewards.

£50 or more

5 of 5 claimed

printer reward £50

i will print you approx/at least 50 copies of your zine (depending on the length/size) once i have the printer, i'll help you with the flats & assembly and i will also love you forever + and issue of my zine (of your choice + sticker & shoutout rewards!

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