VALIANT bydmnqe - We Need Your Help!

by Valiant bydmnqe in Brantford, Brant County, Canada

VALIANT bydmnqe - We Need Your Help!


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Valiant bydmnqe is a luxe self-care and wellness brand. We are looking for funding to help with our testing batch and first collection.

by Valiant bydmnqe in Brantford, Brant County, Canada

a little about me.

My name is Dominique and I am currently a full time student, wrapping up my final year. I am very excited to be starting my first business venture! I grew up with my mother who is self employed and it has always inspired me to start a brand of my own!

the team.

1619204446_img_8185.jpegCurrently, my team consists just of myself and occasionally my partner--when I need a second opinion, haha. I am hoping to hire a Marketing Director later in the future, as well as some extra hands to help make the candles.


1619204355_all_valiant_(7).pngValiant is a luxe self-care and wellness brand. We create high-quality wellness products that promote self-care and self-love. We are firm believers in putting your mental health first. As COVID has been an unfortunate factor in a lot of our lives, we know that sometimes putting yourself first (taking care of your physical and mental self) can be hard... so we are here to help! We will be selling hand-poured coconut-soy wax candles with additional self-care accessories. The candles will be made up of 2oz candles, 2oz trio sets and 8oz candles; our 2oz candles are our samplers. As each collection will consist of 3 fragrances, we will be selling an optional 2oz trio set in order for1619204514_all_valiant_(6).png our customers to see which scent they prefer, before committing to an 8oz. We are hoping to further expand into selling other types of candles, as well as some awesome merch!

the money & where it's going.

The money raised will be used for not only the first collection, but the testing phase as well. It will also go into subscriptions (website, canva, acuity scheduling) and packaging! I am asking for help because I am living on an extremely tight budget and I cannot afford some of the major items for this project. I am very transparent, so should you need more info, I am always down for a convo! :) 

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I appreciate it. Please stay safe during these times.

Sending many virtual hugs,

Dominique <3


  • Is Valiant bydmnqe a registered company?
    Yes! We are registered and ready to go!
  • Is shipping included in the cost of the item?
    Sadly, no. But the price for shipping should not be more than $15. If it is, we will pay the remainder. (For example, if the shipping is $25.00, we will pay $10.00)
  • Are you shipping internationally?
    As of right now, no. Valiant will just be shipping to CANADA and the USA.
  • When can I expect my item?
    We put the date Sept 1st. 2021 because we want to give ourselves enough time to have the bulk order placed and received. You will 100% receive your order before Sept 1. 2021.
  • What do the totes and baseball caps look like?
    Both products are black with "valiant." embroidered in white!
    The tote:

  • The cap:


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Wall of Thanks!

We wanted to create a wall for those who contribute a small but impactful donation! We will putting the names of all those who donated $5 or more on an individual tag and stick it to our wall of thanks!

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10% off Your Order!

Get 10% off your first order! We'll send you a unique code, made specifically for you! And don't worry, we'll make sure you have it just in time for our launch. This code can only be used once.

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Pack of Stickers

Receive a package of 5 stickers that promote wellness and self-care!

$40 or more

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2oz Trio Set

We will be selling 2oz trio sets for those who would like to sample our collection before committing to the 8oz candles! Be the first one to try them before anyone else.

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20% off Your Order!

20% off?! That sounds exciting! We'll send you a unique code, made specifically for you! And don't worry, we'll make sure you have it just in time for our launch. This code can only be used once.

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valiant. Tote

Receive a tote with our embroidered logo!

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valiant. Baseball Cap

Treat yourself to our super limited merch! Like, won't be on the site for while... (shhh)

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