A short film revolving around a young couple eagerly awaiting a potentially pivotal appointment with a doctor.

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The Plot

Valentina is a short drama revolving around Mia and Brian, a young couple who are eagerly awaiting an appointment with a doctor. The film explores the couple's relationship in the space of a hospital waiting room. An unorthodox location, but at the same time one that is relatable for many. It looks into the anxieties we feel and the ways in which we deflect them in that all but eternal wait for a conversation that could change the rest of our lives.

We Want You to Get Involved!

Unfortunately, film making is an expensive game and, being students, we don’t have the luxury of being backed by any production companies. We want to be able to make a short film that gives the subject matter the representation it deserves. We can’t do this without your help! Any donation you can give will go towards the following crucial elements;


Travelling and transportation doesn’t sound too glamorous, but it will be one of the biggest expenditures for us. Getting actors to and from location, along with trips for props, crew and equipment means that petrol will be one of our most consistent costs.

Costume and Props

Seeing as our short is set in a hospital waiting room at Christmas time, we will need to invest in a few different types of props and costume. We want to make the film feel as real as possible, which means getting costumes that could pass as real world hospital attire. We will also be needing to invest in props to form the aesthetic of Christmas time at a hospital.


There is a whole lot of physical labour involved to get a single shot right on a film. To make sure everyone is working to to the best of their ability we need to ensure everyone is well fed and watered. It's a crucial aspect of any film to make sure that the cast and crew are well catered for.


We intend to enter Valentina into several short film competitions and festivals. We want as many people to see it as possible and get the opinions of professionals and critics. We see distribution as one of the most important aspects of post production. We want this film's reach to be as large as possible and you can help us achieve this.

Get to Know the Team!

Behind the project are a group of young and talented individuals all passionate about what they're doing;


Ollie is the director of Valentina. He has a rich history of short films behind him including Tapped Out (2017), Akedo: A Documentary (2016) and many more, including the short Science Fiction film LUCID which won best film at the Southbank University Summer School Film Festival 2011. Ollie is eager to use his knowledge and passion to direct his team flawlessly ensuring his vision of Valentina becomes a reality. In the future he intends to pursue a career directing.


Becoming passionate about all things film from a young age, our Producer and Writer James decided that university was the place to develop his understanding and skills ready for application in the industry.  Having built up experience from over two years of making short films and working on a feature (Lapwing, 2018) he plans to use everything he's learnt to help make Valentina the best it can be. In the future he hopes to work permanently in the media industry.


Sam is the director of photography on this production. A third year Media student at the University of Lincoln, Sam has worked on both short film and short documentaries alike.  An avid cinematographer, he hopes to show the breadth of his ability on Valentina to make it instantly recognisable and aesthetically pleasing. The goal is to create the look and feel of a professional media product.


Toby is in charge of the editing phase of Valentina. At the moment he is advancing into a music career and his creative skills as a film maker have helped him establish a house style and online image for himself as an artist. Bringing to the table his extensive experience gained through making and editing his own music videos. In the future, Toby aims to work in television and more specifically independent documentary as he finds the freedom of that vein of the industry very exciting.


Tom is a jack of all trades film-maker specializing in a whole manner of different roles in the production process. On Valentina, he will be using the experience he's  gained from his extensive location sound work on numerous successful short fiction projects.  On the side of his university studies, Tom works on paid editing and cinematography jobs simultaneously, continuously developing his attributes . He intends to stay similarly diverse in film making post university.


Tom is our assistant director and assistant cinematographer.  Working closely with the director, he will be ensuring that the film making process runs as smoothly as possible.  Tom will also be assisting Sam to help him create a short film that has a look of professionalism and is visually engaging. After university he intends to work in film, specializing in cinematography. 

Thankyou from the Play-Pictures Team!

Anything you donate will be greatly appreciated. To show this, we have set up a few different rewards dependant on how much you decide to give. Any amount you can contribute will help us towards our goal of making Valentina the best it possibly can be!

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