The Vagina Museum needs your help to open

by Vagina Museum in London, England, United Kingdom

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Help us to establish the world’s first bricks and mortar Vagina Museum in Camden Market, London.

by Vagina Museum in London, England, United Kingdom

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sharivegas 29th May 2019

This is such an incredible and inspiring project! As a prospective museum educator, I cannot fully express how hopeful this makes me that museums CAN be used to make positive social change!

Julie Williams 18th May 2019

Too many atrocities against women and too little education. Unbelievable that it's still going on it this day and age. We need a voice. This is a wonderful idea. Can't wait to visit!

Mia K Sherman 14th May 2019

I think it's important to show the world that vaginas aren't "dirty." I'm looking forward to bringing my daughter and husband to visit you next time we're in the UK.

Fenella Samways-Dalton 8th May 2019

Things such as pornography have lead people to become alienated to what vaginas look like. There is such a range! I cannot wait for the first exhibition in Camden. I would love to get involved. I'm backing this all the way.

George Burrows 8th May 2019

I love that bodies are being made less of a taboo. I hope that the inclusive basis of the museum will produce more positive representations of trans and non-binary people of all genders.

Vie Portland 7th May 2019

Having seen Florence talk at Bodykind and made b[c]unting with her another time, I love her passion and I really want this to happen. Lots of luck! And I am looking forward to visiting.

Chris Ely 7th May 2019

While I don't have a vagina, I have several friends who do, some of whom have shared theirs with me in the past, and perhaps will again...

Patricia Brennan 7th May 2019

I am so sorry you did not make all the money from the pledge, but I am really glad you are not giving up! I wish I could do more. We need a Vagina Museum!

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