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Open a creative, safe space and hub for the youth and young parents today

by Shanna Taylor in London, England, United Kingdom

Vae’s Vision is a business that intends to bring the youth of the community together to create a positive and fulfilling environment for all. Our mission is to help young people in our community find a safe haven; a place they can feel comfortable, protected and free to be themselves and dream big.

Recently, reports show that youth on youth crime has been on the rise and it is even more prevalent in less privileged communities. I have personally witnessed children and young people suffering both mentally and physically from these economic and environmental factors. This has caused a significant outcry for the welfare of our children today. 


I started Vae’s Vision with the hope that I could make a difference to the lives of these youth by providing them with a creative and energetic space for support, positive thinking, emotional and mental wellbeing. From helping some of the young people in my local area, offering them food and a non-judgmental, listening ear to setting up safe spaces for children to go when they are having any difficulties at home, I have strived for the betterment of our youth, with a hope to see them prosper and excel beyond their circumstances. 

Vae’s Vision has proven that tending to the emotional and mental needs of children and young people can create a positive attitude and outlook on life for them, causing them to be a positive contributor to society.



“I’ve received so much help from Vae’s Vision; they helped me in times that were really hard for me mentally and made me feel like I mattered in the world”

“I’ve been much happier since I found Vae’s Vision. I get help with my homework and get to talk to someone who helps when my parents aren’t around.”


We are seeking funding for a suitable, permanent premises, situated in the heart of our area for young people to have access to, at least 5 days a week. We also need the facilities and equipment to give young people access to build on their lives and boost their creativity such as access to courses for skills building and those who want to further their education, arts and crafts, studio and rehearsal space for performing arts, access to welfare and housing advice plus financial advice and money management help and many more initiatives for young people to grow into the future of tomorrow.

We also aim to create a space for young parents to have access to childcare studies and packages that will allow them the chance to raise their kids without having to give up their passions and dreams.


Vae’s Vision aims to see a minimum of 500 youth per year, develop through our doors and become respectable and useful members of society. We aim to use the funds to spread the word of our work, via social media campaigns and print media. 

This is a great opportunity to help build up the children and young people of our future to take the right path in life, both for themselves and their families!


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