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Help raise funds for Vacuderm for Kids, which will increase success in a problematic procedure and increase patient experience and comfort.

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Olberon Ltd an innovative medical device company have a solution to reduce the trauma experienced by children when having a needle inserted in to their veins. This is the Vacuderm for Kid's, a smart tourniquet which through pumping makes veins easier to access for nurses & doctors.

We are looking to raise funds to produce the Vacuderm for Kid's, to help with the painful procedure of inserting a needle into the vein.

Up to 50% of the time medical staff fail in positioning the needle first time in children. This is due to many factors: Very small veins, kids can be nervous and scared with unpredictable behaviour when presented with a needle. The child may be undergoing treatment that has made their veins difficult to access e.g. chemotherapy, other long term treatments.

The Vacuderm is designed to increase success in cannulation procedures (inserting a tube into the vein), increase comfort, reduces stress and trauma & help improve the experience of mostly unpleasant hospital encounters.

Phlebotomy & cannulation procedures (inserting a tube / neede into the vein) are the most common invasive medical procedures performed world wide, with a current failure rate of up to 30% in adults and 50% in children first time.  The Vacuderm is a smart tourniquet with a dome designed to aid further filling of the targeted vein, saving time, cost, trauma and improve infection prevention.

The need for Vacuderm for Kid's has been from Health Care Professionals, Parents and Children.  Currently, there is no standard procedure to cannulate a child, it can take several attempts, several members of staff and with every attempt that is made, the child is traumatised, has an increased risk of infection and further complications.  

We have designed the Vacuderm for kids with fun and interactive features. Feedback from professionals suggest this will help improve comfort to the child.   The dome part of the Vacuderm can be pumped by the Child and used as a distraction when the needle is inserted.  

Overall, the idea is to reduce trauma to the child by reducing the number of attempts made. Not only can the Vacuderm assist to make a tiny vein bigger, but it will assist to comfort and distract the child making the procedure more successful first time. 

Have a look at this brave young boy who is being told he is going to have a heart transplant...... importnat in his response not his fear of the operation but not wnating to have a canula inserted!  Lets improve this!  Response to needle is at 2:50

Help reduce trauma experienced by Children having a needle inserted into the vein for medical procedures, by supporting us to develope a smart interactive tourniquet - Vacuderm for Kid's.  

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