Vaccine for Global Schools

by Nathan Jones in London, England, United Kingdom

Vaccine for Global Schools


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Help us provide the Covid vaccine to the world's poorest people.

by Nathan Jones in London, England, United Kingdom

According to the World Health Organisation, the wealthiest countries in the world have already procured most of the effective vaccines. That means that although a vaccine dose only costs £2, nine out of 10 of the world’s poorest people will not be vaccinated this year, and many of them not next year, or the year after that either.

We have a global responsibility – it’s part of every good education. So, let’s demonstrate that we are doing more than adding our signature to an easy petition.

So, as you sign the petition to move all school staff and secondary students to the top of the vaccine list, equal to NHS and care staff, please also give £2 – the price of a cup of coffee – or more to support the WHO target of distributing 2 billion vaccines to poorer countries this year.

Help level up. Take action to demonstrate your solidarity.

Let's make 'Vaccine for Global Schools' happen

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