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A short film about a family who have to go on the run because the son has supernatural powers, but the love of family binds them together.

by Tiffany Carrington in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

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The extra money will help with travel, cast, accommodation, food, and it'll go towards our hydration station! 

Our hydration station will be an area on set where cast and crew can go to rest as we are filming for long hours in the sun. The extra money will help with buying more water, sun cream, an outdoor cooler, and extra shelter.

In a world ravaged by prejudice a family of four is on the run, trying to escape this world onto another through a wormhole. The mother, grandfather, brother and sister wait at the edge of a forest for the right time to go through said portal. They don’t know where it will lead them but they hope that the next world will be better than the one they are leaving behind. The love of family is what binds them together on their quest. 

Why make this film?

This film is important as it explores the themes of family and sacrifice. This is a film that everyone can relate to as it centres around the love and values of family and how we'll do anything to keep the ones we love safe. 

Set in a dystopian world along with some fantasy features, the theme of family grounds the film in a realistic and relatable way. 

Carlos Manuel Dias - Writer and Director

Carlos is a 28-year-old Master Student, from Cape Verde, specializing in film directing. Has a BA in cinema from Univerdade da Beira Interior, in Portugal and is keen on furthering his filmmaking ambitions to become a true film director

“This film is important to me, because it’s been written and re- written through the course of more than two years, becoming an important story about current sociological problems that the world is going through. It’s about what makes us human, the connections to the people that makes us become who we are.”

Tiffany Carrington - Producer

Tiffany Carrington has always had a passion for storytelling and has learnt to express this through filmmaking. She is now moving onto her final year at the Arts University Bournemouth on the BA Film Production course. She has had experience producing many short films, as well as writing and directing films too. She aspires to be a script writer, but also has a keen interest in producing.

“I am passionate about this film because of the strong theme of family that is so powerfully portrayed throughout the film. Utopia explores the value of family and sacrifices we make for our loved ones. It’s a dynamic and exciting film, that I am eager to see come to life.” 

Thevinkumar Thiagaraja 

After completing his Architecture degree, Thevin left Malaysia to pursue his passion for film making, and did a film production degree at UCA, Fanham. Cinematography has always been interesting to him. He began experimenting with stills photography which allowed him to understand more about lighting and colour grading, his stills work on Instagram has gotten the attraction of some of his favourite cinematographers, Emanuel Lubezki, Wally Pfister and Rodrigo Prieto. In recent years, he has been applying his skills into the moving image world, where he specialises more on outdoor contents, and Utopia is the perfect film for him to make his vision come true.

Chetna Vaidyanathan – 1st Assistant Director

Chetna Vaidyanathan is a director with a distinctly unique vision. Her latest film exploring the pathological mind of a priest has received numerous awards and recently had its premiere in Florida.

As 1st Assistant Director, Chetna will ensure all aspects of the production run smoothly, leaving the director free to confer with the actors. She will co-ordinate all heads of department and ensure the shoot runs to schedule. Chetna is excited to help make such an original concept as Utopia come to life.

Niger Tous M - Production Designer

Niger has recently graduated from the Bournemouth Film School, specializing on both Production Design and Scriptwriting. His devoted passion for filmmaking and storytelling has drawn him to create and work on a wide range of productions, ranging from genre and style.

“Utopia presents the opportunity to create a unique and distinctive world. The incredible story of this family explores the empowering values of love, loss, and acceptance through an explosive and tense narrative. I was completely drawn to it from the start, aware of the limitless boundaries the narrative presented and especially of the extreme importance to tell it”

Sarah-Jane Olivant - Editor

Sarah-Jane Olivant has for a long time had a strong passion for editing, allowing herself to be creative and tell stories at the same time. . Nearing the end of her MA Post Production course at Bournemouth University she has learnt many key skills around the art of editing and enjoys experimenting with a variety of techniques and projects. With experience of freelance work creating promotional and music videos whilst directing and editing films, she aspires to build her career up to become an editor for feature films. 

“Exploring the concept of sacrifices that families have to make, it’s a heart touching film that I’m highly excited to see brought to life, especially as it’s such a relevant topic in today’s world where we constantly see families around the globe having to make difficult sacrifices for their loved ones”.

Daniel Llobera – 1st Assistant Camera

Daniel Llobera is an award-winning cinematographer and photographer. His distinctive aesthetic has garnered him multiple awards including a prestigious award from The British Journal of Photography.

As 1st Assistant Camera, Danny will exercise his extensive technical knowledge in the production, ensuring the smooth operation of the industry leading Arri Alexa Mini camera. He is looking forward to help take Utopia from script to screen.

João Luís Ribeiro – Gaffer

My first contact with the reality that involves filmmaking happened during my time, as a high school student, especially in my senior year where I brought out my first film project ever, which I directed, wrote, produced, and edited. From this point on, I had a slight perspective of what I wanted to accomplish professionally.

Later, I became interested in cinematography during my second year of BA Course. Such realization was due to my growing interest in photography, which led me to create a few personal projects that consisted in small pieces of work I did with very few resources, and the purpose of training my artistic and visual sensitivity. A bigger opportunity came up as my Bachelor’s Degree final assignment, which consisted in a fictional short film where I participated as a cinematographer, and since then I had the chance to work mostly in short films, music videos and commercials and I aspire to continue to do so.   

Issy Jameson - Make-up Artists

I am a student at the Arts University Bournemouth working towards my BA Hons in makeup for media performance. I have worked on multiple university and student productions in both theatre and film and have also had experience in editorial fashion shoots. Transforming people into characters is one of the main reasons I love working with hair and makeup. 
I found the concept of Utopia interesting as it plays with the idea of love and sacrifice. The characters go through an enormous amount of stress and fatigue which, from a makeup point of view, will be really interesting to play with.


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