Save The Children's Creativity

We are crowdfunding to help The Mae Kok foundation in Thailand, to help teach the children there and repair the school

We did it!

On 5th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £165 with 7 supporters in 28 days

Help Mae kok's Children 

With the help of The Mae Kok foundation and students from other universities, We are going to Thailand to help the children in Mae kok by refurbishing the school and teaching them over a period of two weeks. With The University of Surrey’s Photographic Society in mind, We will take several disposable cameras to give to the children and I will provide them with some introduction to photography. These photos will be posted on the PhotoSoc Page, and will show their visions of the world and show their daily lives and how hard it can be.

MKF currently focuses on youth development by providing a better future for children in Hill Tribe
villages. The MKF programs help to keep youth away from drugs and
human trafficking, while rebuilding strong communities that can
continue to foster more positive surroundings. About 25 children now live at MKF, ranging from 4-18 years old.

The Mae kok foundation which we will be working with was founded in 1992 and since then it was a source of happiness to the children as they: 

  • Organize classes to raise awareness on different problems 
  • refurbish schools around the area 
  • Organize events for the children
  • constructing rehabilitation centres for addicts 
  • ... etc.

Here is their Facebook page check them out: Mae Kok Foundation

What will the money be used for? 

  • The money will mainly go to buying photography equipment for the children. Additionally, it will also be used to fund living costs on the trip 

  • Attending educational trips around the region and city. 

  • Awards & gifts for the students throughout the programme.


We are hoping to give the children the tools to be able to express themselves as when the project is completed children will be able to look from a new perspective and have a sharp eye to things and most important appreciate their surroundings. we are going to prove that photography is not just a hobby, photography is a tool to convey feelings. and can be the cause of helping others.

added to that photography won’t be the only way we are going to help children 

  • Improving the life of underprivileged Hill Tribe children by providing housing, food, education and other vocational training activities. 
  • Developing a strong community and a plan for positive growth.
  •  Renovating and constructing basic facilities for Mae Kok Foundation and the nearby community
  • Teaching English and educational activities to children within Mae Kok Foundation
  •  Organic farming to help Mae Kok Foundation become a self-sufficient center

Future plans: 

When this project is completed we will arrange that a group from university travels every year to a new place that needs helping, introducing new and creative ways to help the children, this time we are using photography to reach them, who knows what will the next way be, if your curious as much as i am support us or share this project.


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