uSpoke Universal Translator - Globally Connected

uSpoke Universal Translator - Globally Connected

Voice translator from any language to any language. Credit card size. Speak and hear the local language and they understand you too! Travel

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Introducing uSpoke Global, Globally Connected. A truely voice Universal Transaltor.

Built around your wrist in a smart watch using state of art memory and battery advancements with data services built in.

uSpoke Global will comfortably on your arm with in ear Bluetooth and Wifi mini headsets.

Multiple headsets possibility.

For example a travel guide is speaking French, each of the guests/users of the uSpoke Global headsets will hear what they are saying in their own local language. So one person can in fact speak mutiple languages to mutiple people all at once.

Think Star Trek...

No longer will there be the need to try to be fluent in a language just for a short holiday/vacation.  Of course any of the local language you do know will go a great way!

uSpoke Global could assist in breaking down the language barrier.  

uSpoke Global will use a mixture of data services (3G/4G/5G/wifi) in order to intilise the translation. Plans to include data (languages) preinstalled on the product with no need to use data services so can be used worldwide even where there are no data connection services (mobile/cell phone network or wifi).

uSpoke Global is voice controlled and will also act as an voice assistant enabiling you to use the uSpoke Global to search, read emails,  activate smart devices, check the weather, check train times, check flight departures, send text/SMS, GPS directions, messages and emails and a host of other things, all using the power of your voice.

No sim card will be required as the Data Service is built in to the product.

Data services charges will be around $1 per day on a  Pay As You Use top up basis. This will give unlimited Data for uSpoke Global to use in the country you are in. Where a wifi network is available this can be used instead of the in built data service and if the wifi network is free of charge, there will be no charge for data service.

Subject to development.

The image is not a representation of the product but is one of our range of Smart Speakers due for a Christmas release.