Usk Town senior football club facilities upgrade

Usk Town senior football club facilities upgrade

To enable us to upgrade our facilities of local town football club to help us achieve our ambitions of promotion and growth.

We did it!

On 20th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £1,500 with 40 supporters in 56 days

My name is Ross Curzon. I am manager of Usk Town football club 1st team. I have been playing for the senior side for over 10 years since I was 16 and it is a great locally run and self funded club. we currently play in Gwent central division 1 but our objective is to get into the Gwent county leagues.  The team we have, has been together a few years and we have had the chance of promotion in previous years but our current facilities are not up to the standard the league above require.

We are currently top of the table and unbeaten and have a realistic chance of again being promoted. The majority of the players are from Usk and it would be a shame for them to have to leave to play in higher leagues instead of playing there for their hometown. The work that needs to be done is very achievable.  We need crowd barriers and dugouts for around the pitch and a little bit of renovation in the changing rooms but for that we need money that as a club we currently don't have. All the players and the club are fully behind us and now we need the support of the town!  

Any donation in helping us realise our dream would be very appreciated! 

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