User customisable made-to-order smartphone

by Dan Matis in London, Greater London, England

User customisable made-to-order smartphone

The aim is to develop a fully user customisable smartphone where the potential buyer can chose the various elements of the design instead

by Dan Matis in London, Greater London, England


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This is an idea I came up with as a simple smartphone user, because whenever I buy a phone there are very limited options to choose from except for a standard design.  My idea would be to have an ordering matrix where the buyer can customise the phone inside out, with multiple options on each level of the matrix, starting from screen size,  enclosure type,  body materials and colours,  various engraving patterns, thickness of the glass screen,  number and resolution of cameras,  internal memory, processor speed,  so that in the end the product bought is made as close as possible to the user's requirements.  

The ordering matrix would look like for example :


For example for A the customer would choose from various material, like plastic,  aluminium,  stainless steel,  titanium, magnesium. B would be the colour or just the natural metal finish if that's what is desired.  C can be any engraving or pattern the user wants to have on their phone.  D can be the phone type,  either the bezel or full screen design.  E the camera resolution.  F the processing speeds.  G the memory size.  H can be the various sensors that can be added to the electronics, turning the phone into a virtual scientific instrument.  J can be the ruggedised design making the phone more resistant to various chemical and mechanical, environmental facies. K can be the display size. 

The customer would be able to choose from multiple or none of the options,  having either a very cheap phone or a very special one 

A made to order phone doesn't exist yet on the market and this would be a game changer 

Also we all know that smartphone manufacturers make loads of money with selling their product, but still they choose to manufacture it using the cheapest labour on the planet.  This phone will be 100% British made and we aim for the standard model to not exceed the retail selling price of any other branded phone 

Let's make 'User customisable made-to-order smartphone' happen

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