Us Against Them | Short Film

by Delfina Witkowska in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Us Against Them | Short Film
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I’m Mason Wilson, a Year 3 Film Student. This film intends to tell the story of a man who gets tortured for having his own beliefs.

by Delfina Witkowska in Norwich, England, United Kingdom


The story centres on Ciaran, a 23-year-old graduate who has recently moved to a new home. Although, when he decides to share his thoughts on current political movements to a member of his new society, he faces the consequences of disagreeing with other members of this community.

For me, this is an important story to tell, as I myself grew up in a politically divided area, I know how some people will react to this situation. This film is to raise awareness of the constant political divide.

- Mason Wilson, writer and director of Us Against Them


The cinematography will aim to create a warm, peaceful atmosphere for the first half of the film and bring strong dark, creepy and dangerous elements into the second half. This will be achieved by using different lighting settings, as it will make a strong contrast between each character's personality and how the plot changes over time. 

The main tone of the film is going to be dark and blue. The moodboard shows the creepy and dangerous feeling which the film will exhude. It also gives a sense that the protagonist is facing an attack and is forced to fight back. The references are from Hush (2016), Don’t Breathe (2016), Halloween (2018), Happy Death Day (2017) and Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017).

This film will go from a seemingly normal film to revealing something of a darker side to this world. This will be done with the use of dark, dull colours through the production design and costume. A big reference is Don’t Breathe (2016) as this film creates a tense situation perfectly, with a lot of help from production design to give each character their strengths - something I take inspiration from.


Mason Wilson | Writer/Director, Producer & Editor

I’m Mason Wilson, the screenwriter and director of Us Against Them. Us Against Them is going to be my graduation film. I’ve always had a passionate love for film and the art of filmmaking, so much so that I’ve decided to follow it as my main career. I have had experience in the BFI Film Academy acquiring an NCFE Level 2 certificate for preparing to work in the film industry.

Ruiyang Zhang | Cinematographer

Hello, my name is Ruiyang Zhang. I have always been interested in watching thriller films, and my background knowledge gives me a very strong visual sense of the idea of horror and thriller. When I read the script of Us Against Them for the first time, I was really touched by Mason's storytelling skills, especially the characters' personality changes. 

Georgia Diane Pett | Production Designer

Hi, I'm Georgia and I'm the production designer on Us Against Them. This film appealed to me because I love home-break-in films, films that completely throw you out of your comfort zone by putting situations we all pray to never end up in on-screen. Having people enter your home and violate your safe space is chilling, and I hope to play a part in your experience of this through the film.

Delfina Witkowska | Sound Designer

Us Against Them stands out to me as telling an important story in a unique way. The story of being sidelined because of differing views resonates very strongly with me and it is refreshing to see the extreme version of this situation put on a screen. My skills in location sound recording and realistic sound design will play a big role in building the world and its tensions. I hope to push myself to my limits to keep the self-aware tone of the script that makes this film so special to me.

How YOU can make this happen

We can’t do it without your support! If you’ve gotten this far, and like what you hear, please consider donating or sharing.

We hope to, with your support, push the production value beyond our own boundaries. Any donation you give will be used for crucial aspects of production and distribution such as:

  • Casting professional actors to play Ciaran, Billy and others
  • Booking locations for the shoot
  • Travel to and from shoots for the cast and crew
  • Props, costumes and design
  • Film festival entry fees

Should we pass our initial target of £1000, we hope to enter more film festivals, to put the film in front of more audiences and bring the story to more people who can relate to Ciaran's story.


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