Urgent PPE - Care For Carers & Support Elderly!

by Lizzi Luminati in London, England, United Kingdom

Urgent PPE - Care For Carers  & Support Elderly!
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Please help provide URGENT PPE for Carers at Henry Nihill Nursing Home

by Lizzi Luminati in London, England, United Kingdom

Personal Protective Equipment Urgent Covid 19 Appeal!

Care For Our Carers & Support Our Elderly


“Social care is not out of the woods”- James Bullion, President of The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services. 11 June 20201594678893_c9823605-9ab2-4bb9-9b00-a71af5aabe82.jpg

As the UK government relaxes lockdown restrictions and a modified life for the majority tentatively emerges, there is no such welcome let up for staff and residents at Henry Nihill Nursing Home in Edgware.  

Most of us are aware of the catastrophic numbers of deaths that have occurred in care homes through out the UK. As of 16 June 2020,16,443 people have tragically died from Covid-19 in UK care homes. This accounts for nearly a third of all Covid-19 fatalities across the UK. The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services have recently cited lack of adequate PPE as a major contributing factor to these fatalities.

As restrictions lessen, the infection risk proportionately increases for our vulnerable residents living in care homes. Staff at Henry Nihill nursing home continue to work at the frontline as a second peak of infection is widely anticipated.  All residents and staff remain vulnerable and at risk to the ravages of Covid-19. Minimal government support in terms of securing vital PPE provision and comprehensive testing remains a stark reality. 

Staff at Henry Nihill have shown remarkable courageous, determination and tenacity in their commitment to care for their vulnerable residents during this gruelling pandemic.  It is not over yet and nor must our support be. The continued purchasing of crucial PPE remains the absolute priority for Henry Nihill.

Henry Nihill’s nurses and carers are tremendously grateful to all those who have donated to this urgent PPE appeal.  They ask for your continued support in reaching their target and securing adequate amounts of PPE now and in the wake of future waves of Covid-19. 

Please continue to care for our carers! 

Join me in generously supporting staff to remain secure and safe with essential PPE to care for our vulnerable residents.


UPDATE 1: We are now receiving the donations on a weekly basis so we can buy the PPE for the carers urgently! Anything you can give is greatly appreciated and making an impact now!

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 “Care home residents are being abandoned like lambs to the slaughter” - Former government minister: Ros Altman 17 April 2020

As we know from recent news, the spread of Covid 19 in nursing and care homes is rapidly increasing.  Furthermore, PPE provision for staff in social care was not part of the initial government strategy. Nursing and care homes have been left to struggle alone without the support given to the NHS in terms of medical expertise, equipment and, crucially, a lack of PPE.

In the final years of my mother’s life, she was looked after by a team of dedicated carers, nurses and nuns at a ‘not for profit’ nursing home called Henry Nihill House in Edgware, London. The nursing home is the charity wing of the ‘Community of St Mary at the Cross’ - a community of nuns who have dedicated their entire lives to caring for the elderly, vulnerable and sick.

Now, in memory of my mother and all residents and, by way of expressing gratitude for their selfless work, I would like to support these same carers, nurses and nuns who are in the frontline. They are working tirelessly to ensure that their many vulnerable residents with complex needs are protected from the ravages of coronavirus.   This is hugely tough work emotionally and physically at the best of times and compounded exponentially in a pandemic.

The nurses and carers are exhausted, frightened and, crucially, still don’t have enough Personal Protective Equipment to make sure they and their families are safe.

Henry Nihill Nursing Home is doing all it can to secure PPE against a backdrop of shortages that we have all heard about. Perhaps, less well known, is that this shortage has pushed up the cost up of scarce, single use items of PPE which have escalated in price, some to over 1000%. For example: 1.5 litres of hand sanitiser which used to cost £30 now costs £100.  Masks now cost £11.95 each. Gloves usually cost £1.90 for 100 now cost £20.00, and to keep both themselves and residents safe, staff use hundreds of pairs of gloves and masks a day.

Worse still, over 20% of staff are routinely off sick at any given time with symptoms of Covid 19. Their necessary absence massively increases financial outgoings as skilled agency carers are brought in to fill this vital gap.  There are government promises of testing being made readily available for residents and staff. But until that happens, the virus can not be detected and is likely to spread to staff and residents without full PPE protection.

Funds to protect residents and staff are now precariously low. With the deaths of residents, so the income to pay for the basics reduces. It is a vicious cycle of loss.

Isolated in their rooms to protect them from the spread of Covid 19 and unable to see their families in person, many elderly are feeling confused, lonely and sad.

It is heartbreaking for everyone.

During this pandemic, our dedicated carers and nurses are their only lifeline. 

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With enough PPE supplies, carers and nurses can safely care for their vulnerable residents without fearing for the safety of their own lives.

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We now need your help to ensure that carers are protected with PPE so they can protect the lives of their vulnerable elderly.

Please join me now and give generously.

Any contribution you make will go directly to Henry Nihill Nursing Home, a  ‘not for profit’ charity to buy vital PPE and equipment.


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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£12 or more

£12 buys a single use mask for one of our carers

For just £12 you can provide a carer with a single use protective mask urgently needed to protect them and the elderly people they work with.

£20 or more

£20 allows us to buy 100 protective gloves

A donation of £20 allows us to purchase 100 protective gloves. The Carers have to use hundreds of pairs of gloves a day to keep the themselves and residents safe.

£60 or more

£60 buys 3 boxes of 100 gloves for our carers

3 boxes of gloves provides 6 carers, with protective gloves to safely care for 3 residents in 24 hours/

£100 or more

£100 allows us to buy 1.5 Litres of hand sanitiser

For £100 you can help us provide hand sanitiser to our Nursing Home to protect both the carers and elderly residents.

£144 or more

£144 buys 12 single use masks

12 single use masks will protect one carer for 24 hours to safely look after one vulnerable resident.

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