Urgent Help Needed before uni termination

Urgent Help Needed before uni termination

To Pay missed instalment for uni fees before termination at end of january

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Out of all the things in my life this has got to be one of the hardest i have had to do but like other parents our kids are the most important people in our lives. 

So the situation is due to ill health and other happenings around our family richard failed to make his first instalment for his tuition fees  and the uni are now processing his termination for failing this payment, although we have tried to scrape up some money to put a hold on this has not worked. Richard has been waiting to get his part time job back which took time and didn't help but as of friday this week he will be back working part time. This however doesn't help the situation in at moment, we have had email today stating they have extended time to pay instalment extended to end of this month so i am asking if you could consider helping us to meet this instalment. 

Many of you know me many don't but either way if there was other way to do this then rest assured i would've taken it, but regardless please consider helping us get richard through his final year he has done well to get where he is the first in our family to do uni and get to this stage and only £1800 short which is the instalment or part of it is £2560 but we will work on that.

Again please help, i did try earlier but had to end the request due to uni looking in to case and felt we had to wait for result which as said arrived today. i have added a copy of this to show response.

Dear Mr Hepburn

I refer to your communication today. While I am sympathetic about your health and the concern you have for your son’s finances and study, I do expect students to adhere to our student regulations and to abide by the terms to which they agree, when undertaking study with us. One of the core responsibilities of student conduct is to be “In good financial standing”, by which students are expected to discharge liability for their tuition fees and charges and to ensure that their financial obligations are up to date. Unfortunately Richard, has not been able to adhere to this tenet since he registered with us on 20 September 2017 having paid nothing at all towards his fee of £6800.00.

In the circumstances the University has no option but to implement its policy for students who fail to pay and will shortly be seeking to terminate Richard’s registration. There is still some time for Richard to rectify the situation , if he pays the £1800 which I have now extended to be paid by the end of January 2018 and he then meets the remaining offer made by our Finance Department of £2500 each at the end of February and May 2018.

Failing this Richard will be terminated from the University and should receive notification of this on or after the end of January 2018.

It might be that Richard can then look to return to study when his finances are in place.

Yours sincerely,

Bill Rammell

Vice Chancellor

I would like to thank you taking the time and hope you feel that you can help, by doing this it gives us time to get things sorted for continuing and for richard to continue working to help fund his tuition but most importantly to hopefully graduate and make a good life for himself which we all wish our kids to do. thanks again

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