Urgent Delivery - Heart in a Box

Our aim is to raise £10,000 to fund the making of a documentary called, 'Urgent Delivery' Heart in a Box. (Organ Donation)

We did it!

On 29th Sep 2017 we successfully raised £2,090 with 31 supporters in 18 days

In the UK too many people die whilst waiting on the organ donor list.

Could you imagine being in this position?

What if someone you love has a condition that means they will die without a new heart/kidney/liver?

For one moment, put yourself in that position and really imagine what your life would be like.

I know from experience that with health we have everything, without health we have nothing. I believe we have the power to change the whole landscape of organ donation and transplantation in the UK and help save lives. 

My name is Sally Bee. I am a heart patient and am on a journey to find out the facts that affect my contemplation of my (and your) future health and survival should things go wrong. You may have seen me cooking healthy food on the TV or seen some of my healthy cookbooks. But right now I'm committed to producing a documentary film that will change the way the UK approaches organ donation. This project is critical in the quest to save more lives through heart and organ transplantation.

You can read my story here: http://www.sally-bee.com/about-me-2/about-me/

The documentary ‘Urgent Delivery - Heart in a Box’ is an authored, campaigning documentary following my quest to make more hearts available for transplant, save more lives and hopefully give me and others like me a brighter prognosis for the future. It will culminate in a nationwide campaign to make changes to legislation that WILL save more lives.

   'Urgent Delivery' is being filmed throughout September and October and will be ready for transmission in December.

Why my sense of urgency?

Well, this December see's the 50 year anniversary of the worlds first heart translant. I have recenty spent time with Sir Terence English who performed the first heart transplants in the UK. By having the documentary ready for December means we will get more exposure = save more lives!

What is the money needed for:

We are hoping to raise £10,000 which will be used to cover production, post production and distribution costs. The documentary will cost in the region of £20,000 in reality, however we are calling in favours big style to keep the costs as low as possible. 

If we raise more money that isn't used and if the documentary is sold for transmission and makes money, all profit will be donated to Heart Research UK. HRUK is the charity that initially covered the costs of the first heart transplants in the UK all that time ago and now continues to fund research into heart disease treatment and cure. HRUK also fund a Heart Academy that will train suregons and patients alike. If you'd like to see more infomration about HRUK's projects, please do take a look here:



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