URF DJ Equipment!

URF DJ Equipment!

To pay off the rest of the loan for the DJ equipment in the URF studio.

We did it!

On 26th May 2017 we successfully raised £120 with 14 supporters in 14 days

Just before Christmas, URF got an upgrade with the addition of industry standard DJ equipment in the studio. This is something that was the result of months of planning, proposals and going to meetings with the student union, trying to persuade them that the investment would really benefit students at Sussex.

Finally they offered to give us a grant for half of the cost of the equipment, and a loan for the other half that we needed to pay back to them by fundraising. Over the last term a small group of us have been running paid DJ sessions as often as we can to raise money in order to pay off this loan. We raised a massive £440 doing this, but still owe an extra £210 to the union.

We're asking here that anyone who has had use of the equipment on a regular basis this term can donate a small amount (£10) towards paying the rest of this loan off. Once this loan is paid off, the equipment is ours! 

Thanks in advace if you're kind enough to help us out! We hope that you've enjoyed having use of the equipment.



Full information on the funding situation:

Price of equipment = £1400

Grant from Student Union = £750

Loan from Student Union = £650

Already Paid Off = £440

Outstanding = £210

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