Urbans Heritage Ltd

Urbans Heritage Ltd

Urbans Heritage is a small start up clothing brand located in Kent! We have some amazing ideas and with your help, we can reach our goal!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi everyone!

My name is Dechlan. I am the owner of Urbans Heritage Ltd. i have had a dream to create a clothing business to change the way people think about style. As only being 20 years old, funds are obviously limited. I need a business start up to be able to invest into the business. With this start up cost, this will get my company off the ground and it would mean the utter world! 

I have so many ideas to put in place and i want to be able to develop and create a brand that people will remember! 

Thank you for your time! Even the smallest donations help! I would do the same if someone was in my shoes, we all got to start somewhere?