UrbanCar - Cheap Electric Car Hire!

UrbanCar - Cheap Electric Car Hire!

UrbanCar - Forget the cost of fuel, service, road tax, congestion charge, insurance and charging. Drive Cheaper!

We did it!

On 16th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £50 with 1 supporter in 56 days

UrbanCar - Innovative Electric Car Hire!


Why choose us?

- Just Drive - no fuel costs, no service costs, no tax cost, no congestion charge, no insurance costs, no charging costs.

- Online Account - to manage your booked vehicles. If your plans change, you'll never be penalised!

- Keyless Entry - all our vehicles will be equiped with a keyless entry system meaning you can drive off straight away.

- No Membership Fees - we won't charge you membership fees.


When you pledge!

- You'll recieve discounts on our eCar hire.

- Higher pledges will receive driving credit and possibly even have one of our cars named after you!

- Your pledges will go towards the setup costs of the business to include fleet operating costs, IT and marketing costs.


Great Offers

£20 - 20% off a single purchase

£75 - 40% off a single purchase

£150 - 20% off for 6 months

£200 - 1 day of driving credit

£500 - 2 days of driving credit + 10% off for 6 months

£1000 - 4 days of driving credit + 20% off for 6 months

£2000 - 6 days of driving credit + 30% off for 6 months

£5000 - 10 days of driving credit + 30% off for 6 months, name a car, invitation to drivers committee


Our Mission

To make driving cheaper and eco-friendly.


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