Urban Pop Up

Urban Pop Up

*UPDATE* Moving to the CET 'Pop-Up Artspace & History Centre with your help. Unique dining experiences within historic newspaper offices.

We did it!

On 29th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £40 with 2 supporters in 28 days

Clare and Carlton opened Urban in November 2016 in order to provide fresh, restaurant quality food at affordable prices using local suppliers and producers.  We believe good food should not cost the earth, so we ensure our food is inexpensive both to our customers and to the planet; our boxes are biodegradable, we operate a NIL wastage policy (where possible) (check out our seasoned potato peels) and our food where possible, is low fat and healthy.

Our Caribbean Fusion takes in most continents of the world; we break down ingredients and shake them around a little bit and create brand new flavours and dishes, including sauces, jams and splashes.  

At present, we operate from inside Coventry Indoor Market, where we trade Monday through to Saturday.  Our overreaching desire for Urban was to be 'Coventry's First Pop-Up'; and to this end we have successfully popped up at Santander Business Event, The Priory Visitors Centre VIP opening night, and have been appearing regularly at the former Coventry Evening Telegraph's building 'CET Pop-Up Art Space', as well as providing takeaway food for many BBQ's across the city.

Very small behind here 

We aim to become Coventry's Number One 'Pop-Up' and encourage all who wish to donate to contemplate that with this we wish to be a flagship business for other Coventry entrepreneurs.  As well as provide us with the springboard necessary for Urban to provide the support and leadership necessary to address the nutritional issues around food poverty; most especially for our children and young people.  We will continue to work with foodbanks and others providing the necessary training needed to produce quality menus from surplus food, provide interesting cookery lessons and support the work they do by providing a 'pop-up' food facility.  We are working from June 15th 2017 with Foleshill Baptist Church, providing our insight and cookery skills to enable a free 'pop-up' kitchen is available to local people using surplus food wastage.

For the next year, the lovely people at CET 'Pop-Up' Artspace & Museum have allowed us to 'pop-up' at their beautiful building providing a full menu, for individuals, groups and events, with themed dining experiences and special events just part of our plans for this treasure in the crown at the heart of the city centre.  We aim to use any donations to buy equipment for a small prep kitchen which will enable us to offer our gorgeous food and drink, with seating inside & out, within the spendour of one of Coventry's most historical and magical buildings.  

Lobby area look how beautiful it looks!


Out door space - great for candle lit meals in the evening.


Imagine dining up here?

Cinema experience like no other, friends, good food and your favourite film?

Moonlight, candlelight and an amazing meal from Urban?


Great space, just needs some TLC....


Conferences, exhibitions, dining? Help us to help you with great food, ambience within an historical beauty in our city centre.


We can be found cooking down at Unit 24, Coventry Indoor Market, or cleaning up the kitchen area at CET 'Pop-Up Artspace & History Centre'.  If you would like to find out more about us, look at our wall or well just have some food.  We are on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and will regularly update the page with details about what we are up to.

Here are some pictures of our events :-

Priory Visitors Centre - May 2017

Coventry Evening Telegraph (Old Offices - May 2017

We will keep you updated about our journey throughout, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


We appreciate that money is tight for many at the moment so also offer businesses, social enterprises and voluntary sector organisations  free publicity and marketing if donating.  Our Urban Wall is full of information about what's on in Coventry as well as birthdays and special events and is shared widely across social media, our wall travels with us whereever we go:-

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our project. 

Clare & Carlton

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