Urban Honey Bee And Pollinating Insect Garden

Creation of an Urban Honey Bee and Pollinating Insect Garden, within SE15 inner city London, creating a sanctuary for all pollinators.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Over the past few years, the decline in bee populations in the UK has been well documented, but whilst most people automatically think this relates to just the honey bees, so many more of our essential pollinators are in serious decline. This includes several species of bumble bee, butterflies, a number of species of which have declined by over 60%! and all sorts of solitary bees.

In an Inner city Urban environment, every green space is being utilized to build needed housing, and people lucky enough to own a home, or have a garden, often dont have the time to create spectacular floral displays. It has become easier in todays busy lifestyle to have a low maintanence, decked garden, with little to no forage for our bees. In addition many councils are removing or spraying trees with insecticides with the intention of dealing with pests. The reality is that this means less forage, plus insecticides kill our honey bees, butterflies and bumble bees as well. Poisons do not discriminate.


Bee Naturals is taking disused wasteland, or overgrown space and transforming it into a planted pollinator heaven!

Our apiary site off the Old Kent Road has provided an excellent opportunity to create a large area, filled with all the plants our Honey Bees and pollinating insects love.

Back in January with the help of our volunteers, we started clearing the site of an amazing amount of overgrown weeds and trees as you can see from our video and pictures.


The first flower bed ready for planting.

Finally a clear space for preparing the ground.
About 3/4 of an acre for planting

 How You Can Help.

Get Involved And Support Our Honey Bee's And Pollinators.

The lovely Rosie, preparing the first bed for planting with Lavender, donated by those wonderful folk at Lavenderworld

We Need Your Help To Complete This Project.

We are raising funds for the following items.

Topsoil, Compost, Turf, Plants, Fruit Trees and shrubs, climbers (Passion flower, Clematis etc.)

Tools, Gloves, Rotovator, 

Storage Shed, Water butts, Compost bins, Guttering

Bumble Bee Houses, Bird houses, Solitary Bee Houses, Bat Boxes, Small Pond/Water Feature

Solar panels, generator, drill, Batteries for solar storage 

Observation Hive

Childrens Bee Suits

Beekeeping Equipment for training and community days.

Please help us make the world a better place, for our Honey Bee's and Pollinators.

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