Uptown Yardie Jamaica

Our aim is to produce a yardie boot made in Jamaica, by Jamaicans, for Jamaican and the rest of the world.

We did it!

On 3rd Dec 2017 we successfully raised £3,225 with 59 supporters in 28 days

It takes a village and we need your support to make Uptown Yardie Jamaica, the sole of Jamaica. 

Uptown Yardie is a husband and wife owned shoe and lifestyle brand that has been going for just about  two and a half years. We currently make middle to high end shoes which are manufactured in Northampton, England, the heart of the British shoe making industry. Our style is very much inspired and influenced by our Jamaica heritage and our Yardie boot, which is our version of a desert boot plays homage to this.

Investing in Jamaica

Our parents aim in coming to England in the 50s was to make enough money to send home to support their families and to eventually return to start businesses in Jamaica. We want to carry on this legacy by creating something in Jamaica by Jamaicans that they could be proud of.

Those who know Jamaicans know that they have a love affair with the desert boot and made it a much-loved fashion accessory. Jamaican reggae artists have influenced this popularity through their music and the way they dress, from artists like Gregory Issacs, even some immortalising it in their songs.


In 2015 when we first started talking about a  range for Uptown Yardie Jamaica, it made complete sense to refresh our existing Yardie boot design and have it manufactured in Jamaica. By giving the production contract to a Jamaican factory is a great way of Jamaica taking ownership of a shoe they have made world famous and creating employment opportunities along the way .

With the help of JamPro, we were able to find an existing shoe manufacturers in Kingston Jamaica, who were making army boots. We have been working with them over the last year to develop the prototypes, ensuring that the end product will be something that both Uptown Yardie and Jamaicans will be proud of. The prototypes are amazing and we think will appeal to both men and women on a  global market. Part of this range will be  design and  exclusively sold in Jamaica.


As the business grows, our aim eventually is to train up local people in the skills of design, pattern making and shoe manufacturing. This will help the local economy and equip the factory with the right skills to support its expansion to meet the needs of the global market.

We are now at the stage where we are planning to launch the Yardie boot in late Spring 2018 and we have invested all our funds so far in  development and materials. We are truly passionate about this venture and  your donations will help us to make sure that the Uptown Yardie Jamaica is sustainable. We worked out that if we were to get as little as £10 or more from just over 2,000 people we would reach our target.

In particular your donations will help us to do the following:

1. Equip the factory in terms of staff and more update machinery, in readiness for wholesale orders.

2. To continue our work in supporting the factory with the development and manufacturing of the orders in the first year and overseeing quality control 

3. We need real investment in proper marketing and promotions of the yardie boot to get the product out both in Jamaica and the global market. 

4. Drawing up legal agreements and get documentation that will cover copyright, trading agreements and registering Uptown Yardie Jamaica as a Jamaican brand.

Gifts and rewards


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Thank you

Thank you for your time and your support. Please spread the word as every penny counts. 

We truly believe it #takesavillage, so dare to be different be part of our Uptown Yardie community and our journey with Uptown Yardie Jamaica, the sole of Jamaica.

One perfect love

Rohan and Natasha

The Uptown Yardie Crew

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