Uplifting Dundee

Uplifting Dundee

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On 28th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £190 with 6 supporters in 35 days

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read my project.  My name is Lesley and I have had a keen interest in health for over 20 years.  I have developed skills, both practically as a nurse (1st year training in mental health) and through education where I gained an honours degree in psychology.  I am also a qualified aromatherapist.  My interest has more focus on a holistic approach to health and I am seeking to encourage others to be interested in how they treat their body and mind.  

After graduating I found it difficult to even get a job interview, so I began making and selling handmade lotion bars, lip balms, candles, with bath salts in October 2015.  My business' name is LPH Therapies and products are sold as part of detox bath sets for people to pamper themselves at home.  I am currently developing other products and services for the health conscious.

Product range: bath salts, bath bombs, lotion bars, aromatherapy oils, candles and more

My official title is "Healthy Living Consultant" and I approach this role in a non-judgemental fashion, assessing body, mind and spirit.  I have been renting a room in a local hairdressers (Sheer Bliss) and offer health advice on a one to one basis, with products/services being adapted to suit each clients individual needs.

I am crowdfunding to help with the cost of training for a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, accredited by the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH).   Hypnosis can be used for an extensive amount of problems (physical, mental & emotional) with astounding results.  LPH therapies would love to provide hypnotherapy at a low cost, making sessions available to those who may need it most (underprivaleged, low income etc).

The cost to businesses in the UK due to stress related illness is estimated between 5 to 26 million pounds (depends on source) every year.  Stress related illness affects every occupation, though caring professions experience more.  The Scottish Health Survey (SHeS 2015) found that the factors most associated with poor health and wellbeing were; lack of employment (especially permanently), lack of physical exercise and excessive alcohol use.  Low mental wellbeing was also found in adults (and children I assume) who provide unpaid care for 35+ hours per week.  

Unemployment rates in Dundee 2.9% (2,863) are considerably higher than the Scottish average of 1.8%.  The number of people in Dundee claiming incapacity benefit is 9,770, this is 9.9% of the working age population.   Hypnotherapy has been an effective method of treating many health concerns, i.e. pain management, phobias, mood/thought disorders, addictions and much more.   Most people that I have spoken to, so far, are keen to try out hypnotherapy for various reasons/goals.

Most people in society would benefit from weekly relaxation treatments (hypnotherapy is also very relaxing) to promote good health and wellbeing.  It is my wish to encourage relaxation and wellbeing at a low cost with the aim of encouraging low income households to try out different treatments or products from natural sources.   Hypnotherapy sessions will start at £20 per hour, low income households will receive discount of up to 75%.  I plan to run relaxation nights in local community centres for free or small donation (depending on any costs).   I will also be considering NHS referrals.

Why should you give your support?   Here at LPH Therapies we aim to reduce poor health and promote wellbeing.  Hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool that enables people to become the very best version of themselves.

I will be traveling near Glasgow for 9 days, spread over 3 weeks (with some overnight stays) and I will cover these costs myself.  The cost of hypnotherapy (plus other fees) is £1,895 and this is where I really need YOUR help.

Eternally Grateful,

Lesley x

P.S.  My video was taken in one shot and I may have mumbled a few times.  I'm not keen on being filmed ;)

#REWARDS - can be purchased for someone else and would make a unique gift.

£5 donation - Personal thank you on Facebook

£10 donation - Raffle entry for an exclusive LPH hamper worth £50 (drawn before Christmas)

£30 donation - 1 hour introduction to relaxation and aromatherapy.  Includes tips on massage, aromatherapy, meditation, reiki and more

£50 donation - 1 hour product making class, includes LPH goodie bag. Learn to make your own: lip balm, lotion bar or candles.

£100 donation - 5x hypnotherapy sessions, valid for 1 year.  Stop negative behaviour or increase positive behaviour....the choice is yours.

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