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by Raimonds Reinbergs in Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom


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We are launching a platform that enables people with any level of experience to make income by doing what they love, while building skills.

by Raimonds Reinbergs in Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom


Welcome to our crowdfunding page! 

I am Raimond and my wife is Karina. We are a married couple, and we would like to share our start up idea. I work as a full-time engineer and Karina is an IT consultant. We are also very multi skilled individuals and we often do other projects, from handyman work and car enhancements to furniture renovation. During pandemic we couldn’t do much of this extra work, so we spent time reflecting and thinking how we could turn our projects into something bigger. So we began to have all these questions: "Which one of our hobbies we want to turn into a start up? Is it going to be successful? Is there a demand for this service? Are we good enough in our skills to enter the market?" and more. One day we realised that we must not be the only ones. There must be other people experiencing similar barriers, not only building their initial client base but also getting confidence and experience before they can turn their hobby into a start up. This made us realise that there is a gap between beginners or people with little experience and those who are already established and provide professional services, and that gap need to be filled.



We decided to build an online platform for people with any level of experience to be able to earn extra cash by providing their services, growing their client base, as they gain more confidence and experience. Our website is called Upforwork. The platform is designed for people who have a talent, skills or abilities and the desire to turn their hobby into income. Whether it is time, confidence, experience or any other barrier, we want them to be able to start pursuing their dreams and to do what they love. We want to give them flexibility to provide services based on their own availability and at their own convenience. 

How it will work1628192095_photo1628026446.jpeg

On upforwork.co.uk, a registered user will have a profile page that will describe their skills and what they want to achieve. It could be as simple as earning extra cash, or something bigger, like building experience before they can become self employed or start their own business. 

  • On Upforwork, a user can post multiple ads, from dog walking to party organising and, importantly, select different levels of experience for each. 
  • Once a user has posted their services, they will be able to see analytics e.g. view count for each of their ads. 
  • At Upforwork we don't like ratings, it is not fair for learners to be judged in the same way as experts. Therefore, we are introducing two options for their clients, once the work has been completed - Kudos or Feedback. 
  • A client will either give Kudos for a great job or have an option to write some feedback and advise how this person can improve their services. 
  • BUT there's more! Kudos will be reflected on the ad as long as it's live. The more Kudos someone has on their ad, the more clients they will attract, building their confidence, experience while making extra cash. 


From a client’s perspective, it is a great platform that shows a broad range of services provided in their area or remotely by private individuals at competitive rates. From gardening to photography, we will have a range of categories for them to select from. Clients can also find creative individuals that can meet their needs proving unique, bespoke services. In addition, a client can post a request for a specific service free of charge.


Benefit to the society

We strongly believe that our platform will boost the number of start ups and new businesses created, as people get experience and confidence with Upforwork. We hope it will help communities to connect, and make people happier by encouraging them to earn income by doing what they love and, therefore, increase their sense of purpose and belonging. Upforwork is for everyone - students, busy parents, those whose income has been affected by pandemic - anyone with some skills and some spare time is welcome.


How we will profit

As a business ourselves, we must make money, and since we do not want to over flood our website with lots of advertisements from third parties, we will charge a small fee from as little as £1.49 per month for a person to post their service ad.

Our team

We have a small team of myself and my wife Karina. 

I am an innovation engineer with years of experience working on innovation projects, and product development. I also do part time degree in Business Management. 

Karina is an IT consultant, she's got a degree in Accounting and Finance and years of experience working on IT transformation projects. She is a great business analyst as well as project and change manager. 

We work with a professional web development team and talented freelancers to turn our idea into real project.


Current position

The website platform is currently in the development stage. We've just launched a coming soon page and activated social media accounts. We've signed the agreement for the website and app development, and the work in progressing at full speed. 

Check out https://upforwork.co.uk/ to see our Coming Soon page.


How we will spend raised funds

So far, we have been only investing our own money, but we need some financial support to be able to progress with this incredible project.

The money will go for an app development, that will cost us further £5k. The main chunk of funds will be spent on marketing, we need around £25k to make a confident entrance into this competitive industry. We will use, social media platforms, google ads, youtube and other marketing tools to promote our website. Another £10k we will use for the initial running costs of the business, such as customer service, website maintenance costs, and to be able to start growing our team.

With your support we will be able to fully launch our platform in early 2022!

Thank you

We want to thank every one of you who see how BIG this idea really is and how greatly it will benefit the society. Thanks for believing in us and your generous donations!

Raimond & Karina



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