Updating outdated lighting to New LED Lighghting

Updating outdated lighting to New LED Lighghting

We aim to renew our outdated lighting with new LED lighting. By replacing them with LED lights it also saves the environment.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We run a mobile disco and have several DJs, We carry out all types of functions from birthdays to weddings and alot of charity events and discos for schools and speacial needs people and children. Because this industy isnt very profitable we find it very difficult to replace agein equipment and curently have alot of old and old style lighting that still take bulbs.

Our plan is to replace all these with new LED type lighting which are new, modern better for people who suffer from things like epilepsy and easier on the eyes of children. To do this alone it would take years as we would have to replace one item at a time. As this is a small industry and there are so many discos in the sector we find it hard to compete fairly and as there are alot of younger people setting up with small units and offering a poorer service and using the right things and thus giving the proffesionals bad names. This is making it harder to compete. We celebrate our 50th Aniversary in 2018 so I think it would be nice if we can do everything this year and have a big celebration next year to celebrate our big 50.

We are Groove Travelling Discotheques Ltd and pride ourselves in quality entertainment and have some of the best DJs in our area and have built a very good reputation with venues throughout the area and are one of the best mobile discos in the area, week in week out we get excellent feedback from clients of how good we are and the top quality service we supply and the dreams of so many wedding couples we have helped come true. And the amount of charities we have helped every year raise money with events and functions accross the area from the Air Ambulance, Marie Curie, Crig, Sudep, Empathy, Lindsey Lodge to name a few good charities in our area.

Established in 1968 in the little town of Brigg, North Lincolnshire, we moved to Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire just down the road in the late 80's, we have done discos for a large range of clients from corporate busienss to charities and childrens parties to wakes. We've done childrens parties in the past and then done the childs 16, 18th, then their engagment followed by wedding and recently we've done children's parites for the children of the previous customers.

We plan to replace all the lighting so that we can do away with the old style lighting that use the old fashioned bulbs which are usually between 250 watts to 500 watts, these also use alot more electric than the new LED ones so by replacing the old lights with LEDs this also means they are more friendly as they use less electric dont get as hot and more efficient.

80% of the money raised will be spent on new lighitng, stands and fastenning for the lighting to go on and be fastened. The remaining 20% will be spent on training everybody on how to use it.

We really hope you can help us acheive this and thank you in advance for your contributions.