Up, Up and Away

Bringing theatrical magic to many disadvantaged children with an aim to encourage them to achieve their own potential.

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On 2nd Jan 2015 we successfully raised £1,520 of £1,500 target with 37 supporters in 28 days

Having worked within the education sector as artists for 15 years we have noticed a growing trend in children and young people feeling isolated because of their differences whether that is through special needs, race, sexuality, appearance or even more recently, academically. As a company specialising in working with children and young people we feel that this growing sense of isolation needs to be addressed.

Up, Up and Away is a new piece of children’s physical theatre that will premiere as part of The Physical Fellowship-First Steps, the UK’s only Physical Theatre Festival for children and young people at Warwick Arts Centre in Spring 2015.

We are really excited about this project, not only as we believe the concept of the performance has a really strong message but also because it will give children with very little access to the arts an opportunity to attend live performance, some for the first time. Thanks to previously secured funding we will be able to give children from six schools in Coventry the opportunity to see Up, Up and Away for free as part of First Steps.Now we need your help to invest in the making of the performance to make sure their first arts experience can be a great one!

Up, Up and Away draws on the successful collaboration between:

Us- Highly Sprung- specialists in creating physical work with, for and alongside children and young people.

I- Believe

Vortex Creates- experts in transforming spaces and playful design in costume.

Vortex- Light night

Ludic Rooms- The West Midlands' only creative digital arts organisation specialising in immersive digital experiences for audiences.

Ludic Rooms- Touch Light

The company’s vision is to create a new piece of work for children that inspires their imaginations, is an immersive experience and allows them to ask questions of themselves and come to the realisation that it is ok to be different and that our differences must be celebrated.

Our ambition for the project is to create a sense of magic, beauty and intrigue for the children who see it. To associate with the story of a boy, Joe, who feels he doesn’t fit, who is different, labelled ‘special’. Through witnessing Joe's journey, where he learns to accept his differences, the audience will be invited to celebrate each person’s individuality and uniqueness.

The performance aims to offer an interactive experience for audiences, sitting them close to the action of the story and asking them to contribute to the performance as it develops- providing sound effects, taking pictures of Joe’s journey, shaping the set and meeting the characters. 

Up, Up and Away will be an immersive theatrical experience for audiences of all ages involving a unique flying machine, which allows un-wired aerial work and beautiful design, all underpinned by a subtle yet sophisticated use of digital technologies.

Up, Up and Away


The rewards we are offering in thanks for your investment are both unique to the company and the project. We have once again made available our I Believe wristbands, which were given to all the children we worked with as part of an aspirational Cultural Olympiad project in 2012. Each silicone wristband (in a lovely lively green colour) is printed with the words- I Believe, a reminder that we should always believe in ourselves and others to be the best we can be, a message we felt was very resonant with Up, Up and Away.


We have also developed 'Dare to be Different' badges, again to celebrate the message of the performance- Will you dare to be different and invest in this unique project?

Dare to be different badge

And our favourite reward- Who wouldn't want a chance to take a turn on the flying machine and meet the creative team at the same time... you know what you need to do!

All our rewards are exclusive Crowdfunder!

About us:

Here at Highly Sprung everything we do is about investing in children and young people. Using the arts as a way of increasing confidence, encouraging debate and improving collaboration. We use our own brand of physical theatre to encourage those we work with to work beyond their self perceived limitations achieving beyond their expectations of themselves and tackling challenges with enthusiasm. 

We hope that Up, Up and Away will be an opportunity to inspire new audiences of children to find value in the arts and more importantly in themselves.

The company was founded in 2000 and has an impressive record of public productions, both in arts venues and across UK festivals and events. We are also recognised for producing outstanding participatory projects, working with over 9000 children and young people annually both in education and the community, to high acclaim.


"Highly Sprung's work is always inspirational, enthusiastic, fantastic and emotional."

"My students have been inspired to become more confident and have a better understanding of how stories can be communicated more imaginatively."

“Highly Sprung is unique... The work they do to breathe confidence into kids is amazing.” 

"This company offer young people a unique experience in which the sense of collaboration, community, within a highly artistic learning environment is one to be celebrated and invested in."

"Everyone is valued regardless of ability or background. It's great to see creativity being nurtured in this way"

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