Up & down Mount Fuji with Bronchiectasis

Up & down Mount Fuji with Bronchiectasis

To fund the training and travel required to climb and then descend Mount Fuji by Mountain bike.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Living with Bronchiectasis can be a challenge. It certainly is for me. After being diagnosed at 3 years old and told that I'd be lucky to see my 10th birthday, I'm now 33 and a full time Mountain Bike and Cycling Coach. I've always wanted to challenge my limits and physical capabilities and this project is one thats been on my mind for a number of years.

To ascend Mount Fuji on foot by a normal healthy individual is seen as an achievement, so to do this and then descend on a Mountain Bike with my condition is a big challenge. I lack approximately 30% of the lung capacity of someone my age without a lung condition.

I'm hoping to ultimately use this experience as a way to inspire and motivate people not just with lung conditions but any medical condition and show them that anyone can still ultimately do anything. As an ambassador for the British Lung Foundation I will also be using my journey to help them raise awareness and support for those with all lung conditions.

Thanks for all your support and lets go for it.