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Let's bring Santander cycles to Portsmouth and Southsea for the very first time! Great quality, eco-friendly transport for use by everyone.

We did it!

On 8th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £44,137 with 236 supporters in 33 days
We're currently 5th place in the Santander Cycles University Challenge
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6 hours to go - deadline 10pm tonight

Help us reach our target - pledge now and create history for Portsmouth and Southsea.  All you need to do is pledge or pledge with a reward before 10pm tonight - its time to help us now!

You can bring a new cycle scheme to Portsmouth!

Affordable, flexible and convenient, public cycle schemes have transformed life in cities worldwide. In London, the Santander scheme has more than 11,000 bikes and 70 docking stations across the capital.

Now, we have a chance to bring the same convenience and health benefits (and even the same bikes) to our own community in Portsmouth. 

If Portsmouth is not a winner your donation will be refunded.

Pledging benefits 

Make your pledge with a reward package

  • Membership normally costs just £60 per year. But, by pledging with one of the membership reward packages, you can get your first year’s membership at a big discount and students get a student saver. Corporate rewards are also available.

How much will it cost to ride?

  • Member rate – 1st 30 minutes free for each rental, 50p per 30 minutes up to a maximum of £5.00 per day
  • Non-Member rate (pay as you go) – £1.00 per 30 minutes up to a maximum of £10.00 per day

What are we hoping to get?

We’re in with a chance to win a complete, ready-to-go cycle scheme for our city, on exactly the same lines as London’s.

If we’re successful, Santander will provide £100,000 to fund 50 brand-new bikes, plus docking stations around the University, Southsea and the seafront. You’ll be able to pay for your bike via a new smartphone app.

Using bikes for short trips helps reduce congestion and improve air quality, and allows people to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The bikes themselves are comfortable, reliable and easy to ride; they’ll be looked after by a local social enterprise, creating new opportunities for young people in Portsmouth.

What's the competition?

We’re competing against other UK universities in a crowdfunding challenge. The two universities that raise the most money over and above their target figure will each win a cycle scheme for their community. We want to be one of them, and we’re well on our way, but we need your help to bring this fantastic, life-enhancing prize home to Portsmouth.

Make Portsmouth a winner!

Why do we need pledges?

Two reasons. Firstly, to help us win the competition! Our target figure is £61,573: once we reach it, every extra penny boosts our chances of success, so your pledge really will make a difference. Secondly, to go towards the scheme’s initial running costs while it gets established; we’re aiming for it to be self-funding within a year. 

If we win these are the locations where we are planning to have cycle docking stations. 5024807a2a328c5e9cf1bf45d6e3afaf66edac69


If we win, when will I be able to start using the bikes around the City?

  • Easter 2018.

How is the winning university determined?

  • The two universities which achieve the most funds (as a % above their official crowdfunding target).

When will money be collected from my account?

  • Your pledge will only be collected if we’re successful in winning the competition. If the University of Portsmouth wins then it’s likely your money will be collected around 8th December. If we don’t win then  you won’t pay a thing.

How much will it cost to ride?

  • Non-Member rate (pay as you go) – £1.00 per 30 minutes up to a maximum of £10.00 per day
  • Member rate – 1st 30 minutes free for each rental, 50p per 30 minutes up to a maximum of £5.00 per day

How much will membership cost?

  • Membership normally costs just £60 per year. However, by pledging and choosing a pledge2pedal reward, you can get your first year’s membership at a huge discount and students get a student saver.

Where will the docking stations be located?

  • We have earmarked five docking stations all with open public access around the University, Southsea and seafront which link Richmond building on Portland Street, the Students' Union on Cambridge Road, Fratton Bridge, Southsea Shops and the Pyramids Centre. Please note that these locations are subject to final approval from the local authority.

Who will manage the scheme once it’s in place?

  • A social enterprise, Motiv8, will help maintain and redistribute the cycles every day meaning they’ll always be available and in good working order when you come to use them. What’s more Motiv8 gives life chances to young people by providing training and jobs in bike maintenance so in effect your pledge will also help give more young people a new skill and chance in life.

How else can I help?

  • Help raise awareness of #pedals4pompey and encourage your friends and family to do the same.
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