UoL Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign

UoL Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign


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On 2nd Mar 2016 we successfully raised £65 with 13 supporters in 28 days

 **STUDENTS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER NEED TO RAISE £400 TO FUND A FOSSIL FUEL DIVESTMENT CAMPAIGN THAT THE UNIVERSITY HAS REFUSED TO FUND** is defined as ‘the opposite of an investment’ ( and other divestment campaigns have had a positive impact on global issues including violence in Darfur, tobacco advertising and South African apartheid. Students at the University of Leicester have already called on the University to divest twice, both requests have been rejected. Just six UK universities have committed to divestment so far. In total, we are calling for a divestment from 9.56% of the university’s current portfolio. Given that this is a relatively smallamount, we feel that divestment is something that the university could achieve in the very near future.A grant of £400 was requested from the University by the Divestment Team to campaign for Divestment, but this was rejected, and so a croudfunding campaign has been launched to meet the £400 target to get the University of Leicester to divest from fossil fuels, and set an example for other Universities to divest.5 actions we request1) The university divests from companies listed on the Carbon Underground 200 list.2) The university divests from other companies with environmental and ethical issues.3) The university’s guidelines for ethical investment are updated and adhered to.4) The university’s investment portfolio is made accessible to all by being posted online.5) The university invests a minimum of 15% in renewable technologies as ‘a university led bydiscovery and innovation’.List of companies currently invested in that appear on the Carbon Underground 200 list1) BG Group PLC2) BP PLC3) Royal Dutch Shell4) BHP Billiton PLC5) Glencore PLC6) Rio Tinto PLC7) Total SA8) Anadarko Petroleum Corp9) Continental Resources Inc/OK10) Mitsubishi Estate Co. LTDList of other unsustainable companies currently invested in1) Cairn Energy PLC2) Central Rand Gold LTD3) Randgold Resources LTD4) China Mengniu Dairy Co.5) Gaztransport et Techniga6) Schlumberger LTD7) Altria Group LTDIf you care about the environment, and want to see a leading UK University make the decision to divest from fossil fuel, which will undoubtedly have a knock-on effect to other institutions, then please help The UoL Divestment team raise awarness to this cause.

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