Untitled Clothing

Untitled Clothing

The aim is to get my clothing brand running and help less fortunate children and young adults using 25% of the monthly profits every month.

We did it!

On 28th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £6 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Hi my name is Joey bell, im 18 years old and i live in a small town on the coast of the UK called Eastbourne.  Life for me as a child and yound adult has more or less been very easy, i have been blessed with a loving family and a comfortable family financial state. Growing up i have always been creative and a bit different to everyone esle i dont know what it is but i just simply feel different to the average lad. I grew up on a normal street in an average house going to an average school, after a few years at comprehensive school my parents decided that it was best to put me into private education so they enrolled me at St Bedes prep school, i went here for 3 years untill eventually we ran out of money and was then forced to go back to an average school, which at the time was a huge change in my life. After school i started to embrace my creative side alot more and took engineering in my first year of college, about half way through my first year i realised that i didnt want to be like everyone else doing a normall job so i dropped out of college and focused on what i wanted to do (at the time this was Trading on the stock market) and then in the summer of 2016 it hit me, i knew exactly what i wanted to do and i didnt want anything to stop me. I wanted to make a clothing brand and get my name out there but i didnt want to be the same as every other business,  and to be different you have to think outside the box, so to get myself to a point at which i was ready to start this venture i decided to re-enroll at college and take ICT Accounting and Business, and already i am alot happier with what im doing its been almost a year since i first had the idea of starting a brand and ive come to the conclusion that everyone wants to be different and everyone wants to follow their dreams but not everyone has the tools and support to do so,this made me think about how lucky i am and so ive decided to donate 25% of all profits from the clothing brand each month to the less fortunate young adults of this world. Unfortunatley i do not have the funding to be able to start my clothing brand for atleast a couple of years but i have already started to make sample t shirts, designs, and ive also started on a website (which is ready but not open to the public yet). So im asking anyone out there to give any amount you can be it 1-1000 pounds and help me achieve my dream so that inturn i can help others acheive theirs.

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