This project will help fund 2 short fictions written, directed and produced by members of the UEA Filmmaking Society.

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What Are The Films About?

An Understanding is a fantastic story that echoes the reality of obsession. The story follows Tony who is waiting in a cafe for a date, all the while talking to his childhood crush Jenny who is actually a figment of his imagination. The story focuses on Tony and shows the way he projects numerous ideals onto this imagined Jenny and in turn sacrifices his hold with reality. The story draws a powerful parallel between the unhealthy idealisation of Jenny in Tony's mind and the objectification of women in film through the male gaze. This project is an opportunity for experienced students to gain professionalism and meet industry's standards.

Eat Your Heart Out is a surrealist horror with great potential for a compelling visual piece. The chef of small restaurant sees his hopes crushed when discovering scathing reviews online. The evening takes a terrible turn when he decides to to deliver anything that is asked of him. The story focuses on how people can take criticism at heart, literally. This is a fantastic metaphor of how comments on social media can lead to severe psychological wounds. This fiction is for first time filmmakers only and will allow them to make a film, develop their creativity and build their portfolio in a stress-free environment.

Who We Are

Unthank Productions is the name of the University of East Anglia's filmmaking society. It is home to  a group of ambitious students who have come together based on our passion for film. This is an independent production and every aspect is being managed and handled internally. 

Between us, we have several years of experience making short films and music videos. Using this experience and incredible enthusiasm, we feel we will be able to make a truly captivating and thought-provoking short film. 


Because we are a student society we need financial backing to get the project off the ground. Our main goal for An Understanding is to enter festival in order to secure attention and recognition for our film and hopefully lead to awards for our hard work. This is why most of the budget is devoted to distribution. For Eat Your Heart, we will mostly be paying for props and actors. The budget was also made to leave space for errors as the crew will be for the most part inexperienced. 

Both budgets also take into account lunch for the crew and travel expenses to and from the different locations.

With your help, we can make a great film and support the large community of budding filmmakers at UEA find their feet and get some experience. Thank you!

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