Untapped FR: New platform for female professionals

by Rita Peacock in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Untapped FR: New platform for female professionals
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Untapped FR is a digital platform that connects female professionals and freelancers with businesses looking for service providers.

by Rita Peacock in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Our Mission:  
To connect skilled and experienced female professionals and freelancers with businesses and organisations looking for professional service providers to fulfil their business needs.

Untapped FR is a digital platform and community that connects skilled and experienced female professionals and freelancers with businesses and organisations looking for professional service providers to fulfil their business needs. Professionals and freelancers use our platform to find work opportunities, connect, engage and collaborate with businesses and organisations who offer work opportunities ranging from on-demand, short-term project-based, contract, through to long-term work. Businesses and organisations seeking professional services can also connect, engage and collaborate with professionals and freelancers who they feel meet their business needs.   

Untapped FR is also an ideal solution for female professionals, particularly parents looking for flexible work opportunities that enable them to achieve both their work and family-life goals. Once professionals and freelancers sign up and create their profile they can then use our end-to-end management solution and tools to look for flexible work opportunities. They can also use our platform to start or grow their professional services or businesses. Our one-stop portal is also used to schedule and manage their work opportunity activities.

As our mission above, Untapped FR was created to fill the gap in the flexible working and freelancing space for female professionals and freelancers in the UK. We’ve created a platform and a community for female professionals and freelancers who run their own professional services or businesses to showcase their skills and experience as well as services that they provide. 

The platform is free to join for female professionals, freelancers,  businesses and organisations. All they need is to sign up and create their profile. Female freelancers and professionals sign up as ‘service providers’ while businesses and organisations sign up as ‘service seekers’. Service seekers only pay for successful connections and work. The platform’s end-to-end management solution and tools enable female professionals to find flexible and freelance work opportunities and organisations to find suitable female professionals and freelancers, schedule and manage their work activities from contract work through to permanent work, as well as communicate with each other.

The platform is still in its pre-launch stage and currently signing up professional service providers and organisations looking to connect, engage and collaborate on any work opportunities and projects.

The Idea

I was inspired to create the platform after many years of doing freelance work in media, digital publishing and marketing for individuals and businesses. I previously worked for a well-known parenting magazine as their Editor and Area Manager. I also worked with various female entrepreneurs and freelancers, particularly parents providing media and marketing services. I've since spent over 10 years doing freelance and remote work on and off while taking care of my child and I've gained a lot of experience and insight into the world of freelancing, remote and flexible working.

Through my previous work and collaborations with other female entrepreneurs, I've experienced first hand how challenging and time consuming it can be, working as a freelancer, handling day-to-day work activities while caring for the family. I have also worked with other career women, particularly parents who at some point had to leave the workforce due to family commitments, lack of flexible work and childcare arrangements, caring needs, ill-health and lack of family friendly policies at workplaces

In 2016 I left my editorial role with the magazine in order to pursue my studies in Business Management focusing on Innovation and Enterprise and now offering business consulting services alongside my media and marketing services. 

My background in Journalism, PR and Advertising led me into the world of freelance and remote working where I offer services to individuals, start-ups, businesses and organisations including not-for-profit organisations.

Due to this much needed service, Untapped FR is fast developing into a vital service among female professionals, freelancers and organisations across the UK. The platform provides female both female professionals and businesses with an end-to-end management solution and tools that enable them to connect, engage, collaborate as well as schedule and manage their work opportunity activities from contract work, project-based through to long-term work opportunities, as well as communicate with each other.

We partner with and help businesses and organisations to tap into this unique community of female professionals and freelancers. I strongly feel that there is great untapped potential in these professional women who due to other varying reasons decided to become independent professionals and freelancers. They have skills, knowledge and experience that could be very valuable for organisations looking for professional services such as start start-ups, SMEs and larger organisations across the UK.  

We also work with organisations and businesses who are looking to attract, acquire and retain skilled women and support gender diversity and participation in workplaces.

How the platform works

Untapped FR’s platform provides female professionals and freelancers with their own end-to-end management solution and tools for them to find work opportunities, connect, engage, collabrate as well as schedule and manage their own work opportunities. The platform also works with a community of female professionals, start-ups, businesses and organisations as well other service providers such as career coaches, mentors, advisors and those offering relevant services. The platform as well as other services and programs are exclusive to female professionals and members of our community. 

It’s completely free to sign up and to register as a female freelancer or professional. Untapped FR also welcomes anyone who would like to offer help and support to members to join our ever-growing community.

The platform allows female professionals to create their own profile where they provide information on their availability, skills and work experience in order for them to connect with suitable businesses and organisations.

What’s also great about the platform is that female professionals are able to maintain total control of their work opportunities, communicate directly with prospective organisations, share files and track their work activities whenever they want and wherever they are.   

As well as providing a free customised profile account to female professionals and organisations, which can be setup in a few minutes, Untapped FR also offers a secure escrow system that holds payments between female professionals and organisations that they provide services to until they are both satisfied. 

Untapped FR also offers start-ups, businesses and organisations management tools that makes it easier for them to manage hiring activities, communicate with prospective female professionals and also keep them up-to-date about their work activities. There’s no time limit on how long they they can use the service and no subscription fees to pay. They only pay for successful work and hires.

What is the money for?

The money raised from this crowdfunding platform will go towards the following:

  • Further development of our management solution and tools as well as the technology to enable us to offer professionals and freelancers a faster and seamless service.
  • Design and offer our own online and offline workshops for female professionals and female students who are considering venturing on their own or transitioning from employment to freelancing (launching in spring 2020).

Rewards for all our backers!

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Spread the word!

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Thank you for your time and your pledge!


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