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IDS is rattled, he’s scared, because we have him on the run – and he knows we can #unseat him. Spread the word!

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Mary-Anne Potts 4th September 2018

IDS is the architect of the cruellest benefit system Universal Credit. It’s intentionally engineered to punish the poor, sick and disabled. It loans money to those that have none instead of supporting them. It sanctions those that cannot attend meetings even when they have valid reasons. It hounds the terminally literally to death by expecting them to keep looking for work before they are allowed help. It is the most inhumane disgusting creation and although IDS and subsequent ministers have been advised to pause it, they have rolled it through regardless of the immense harm and deaths that it’s caused. IDS is not fit to be a minister.

David Rivett 4th September 2018

Duncan Smith stands for everything I detest. In addition he is responsible for immense suffering which should disqualify him from holding any public office

Matt Scott 3rd September 2018

Never has a campaign been so deserving of funding IDS represents everything that makes me sick to the core with UK politics A more odious man you'd be hard pressed to find

Diane Huddart 3rd September 2018

The barbarity of this man and his work should never be forgotten, he should be held to account for the lives lost under his watch. Losing his seat is a start.

Dr Gillian Piggott 3rd September 2018

Darlings, do everything you can to make IDS's life appalling - since making the disadvantaged and the disabled people's life appalling was exactly what he spent most of his time doing when he was charged to "think the unthinkable" and "reform" welfare. He's got to go, as all these direct and indirect architects of "austerity" must. Best of luck, and I'll be willing you on.

Craig Scott 3rd September 2018

A worthy cause, so good luck! I would give more but I’m a full time student, working class and have a kid... someone the establishment hates.

Luan Cherry 3rd September 2018

This man and the Conservatives have made my life a living hell. Their policies have caused me as much pain and suffering as my horrible illness itself. Good luck guys! Keep him out!

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