Remembrance Sunday paying respects- parking fine!

by Trish Hunt in Hodsock, Nottinghamshire, England

Remembrance Sunday paying respects- parking fine!


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To pay unreasonable parking fine that I am unable to pay Received whilst paying respects at the Cenotaph with a youth group I volunteer with

by Trish Hunt in Hodsock, Nottinghamshire, England

Please help me to pay this fine that I believe is unbelievable unfair on such a day.  I can’t afford to pay my bills let alone Christmas & this on top. I hate to beg but hope that you can help with even a few pounds.  Thank you 

I volunteer with a youth group & on Remembrance Sunday I had to drive my son’s car down to the Cenotaph with another volunteer as she had a broken leg we also had the rain coats for all the youth group.  We have been at the Cenotaph for the last 10 yrs & always walked but had to drive this year & go early as the roads would be closed for the parade. 

Without thinking about time etc I parked up waited for the service, we helped another young child who passed out, after the service at the Cenotaph we went with the procession to the church service which was extra long as it was 100 yrs since WW1. We then got back to the car & went to a further service for 2 planes that had crashed during the war.  A week later I received a bill for parking in the car park for around 10 mins longer than the allotted 2 hrs.  I hadn’t even given it a thought. 

My local Councillor wrote to the company explaining the reasons & asking them to reconsider under the circumstances but they replied saying NO & furthermore since I had now acknowledged I was there then I had to pay & that all other correspondence from me would be ignored.     

I don’t have the ability to pay this at any time of the year let alone Christmas.   Please can you help in any small way.   Thank you 

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